The red-green metro rail coach is being prepared in Japan



Economic reporter:
On December 30- 2019 the completion of construction of flyovers and stations from Uttara to Agargaon Metrore’s work is progressing fast. The goal of the metro rail is not only in Bangladesh, but also in Japan. One of the rolling stock (coach) and train simulator after these preparations in Japan, railway coach will come to Bangladesh by packing in Panipat.
After the preparation of the coach 100 percent will be placed on the Metro track only in Dhaka. Kawasaki-Mitsubishi Consortium of Japan will provide coaches. Coaches have red-green preference, which make up 16.64 percent of the financial progress. As soon as the track is being built in Bangladesh, the coaches will come to the country with waterways. Following are the steps for the construction of red-green coaches. The 12 November Metrorail related sources confirmed these. According to sources, work is going on to construct 11.73 kilometer viaduct and 9 stations from Uttara North to Agargaon under package 03 and 04. The work of both the packages started on 1 August, 2017 Work is progressing as per the revised action plan. Test pile, check boring and total of 766 pile caps have been completed. In addition, 88 out of 448 peer heads and 617 of 4,577 precast signals have been completed. Visitors have been shown 300 meters of Viaduct. According to the revised action plan, the package is expected to be completed on 30th June, 2019. Its real progress is 24.50 percent and financial progress is 25.44 percent. Regarding the latest progress of the project, Metro Manager of the project (Public Relations) Khan Mohammad Mizanul Islam said, the project’s work is progressing at a faster pace. Work has been divided in different packages to speed up the work. Metrorail work is not only in Bangladesh but also in Japan. If we build the track in our country, we will get a coach from Japan. Open the packet of boxes and connect the electricity only by installing the readymade coaches. When our work is complete, we can get coaches from Japan. “He said the coaches would be the most advanced timer. Each coach will be made of stainless steel in the train and air-conditioned. There will be six compartments, the carrying capacity of the passengers will be 1, 738. There will be four doors on each side of the compound. There are two wheelchairs in the train and each train will be in the train. There will also be the Smartcard Ticketing system. Mizanul said that 24 pairs of Metro Rail will operate in Dhaka. Starting from Uttara, the metro rail will be run from Mirpur-FarmGate to Motijheel, only 40 minutes. The cost of Jute Mills is 16 thousand 594.59 million taka as part of the project assistance of Tk 21,985 crore. There will be 16 stations in the metro rail from Uttara to Mirpur via Motijheel. Take up to 60 thousand passengers on the up and down routes of 24 trains every hour.


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