Movement of labor force at Nitwear Company Limited (NTKC) in Gazipur Konabari


Amir Hossan: It is known to the workers that almost 2,500 workers are working in almost all the works in this program, and for about 18-20 years, there is a continuous mobilization process. In the last two years, Nitwear has been sacrificing its reputation for the past two years. Even then, the workers did the job. On October 13, 2011, the workers did not demand the time to vote. Then on 15th September 2018, the company’s high-profile companies temporarily announced the closure of the company. Later, talking to the workers again, start with the hope of renewing their hopes. In this way, the high-powered operators of the company started negotiating with the workers in the same way. Talking to GM Babul Hossain of Companion Dying Sections, it is known that this champion Maliki is a Karine Nagariki. Companion Malki comes to Bengal from time to time. If there is any problem, then all the facts are not convincing by talking to him through the mosque. On Tuesday (November 13th), when the workers again tried to do so, Babul would tell the workers (November 14th) at 10am on Wednesday at 3am for a month and for the first time, they would try to stop the Niyamati problem. In the next two months, the children will gradually be given mercy. The laborers are present in the company on Wednesday (14th November) at 10am on the occasion of Babul (GM Dying Sect). Kanti workers reassured the bamboo at noon, again assurances.
In this case, due to the fact that the workers are trapped in the house, the laborers are hiring the house, the cost of schooling at the school, the cost of food, the cost of the chakitsa are being faced in various types of problems and are living helplessly. So they will not be in the hopes of bakayo bayantara waiting in the company after 2pm.


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