Long candidates list outside the Chowdhury family in BNP



Chittagong bureau:

Smrjajal has been created for getting the nomination from the main party of the 20-party alliance and the united front in the 11th parliamentary constituency comprising 15 unions of Rangunia, 1 municipality and Shreepur Garmenti Union of Boalkhali upazila. Yesterday, on Tuesday (November 13th), 8 possible candidates of the BNP’s central office collected nomination forms to contest the seat. There is a possibility of nomination of 4 more people. One of the party’s alliance partners LDP’s former MP Nurul Alam is also contesting from this constituency. He is one of the artisans of the party to start the BNP in Rangunia since the eighties. He nominated BNP in the 5th parliamentary elections of 1991was the candidate
. He has joined hands with Colonel Oli Ahmad LDP in various political stages. BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia has been elected MP twice for the BNP ticket from 1996 and in 2001. Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury, the late member of the BNP Standing Committee member Raujan, who was hanged on charges of war crimes, was elected twice. He is the Awami League candidate in the 2008 election. The organizational structure of the BNP began to weaken in Rangunia since the defeat was defeated by Hasan Mahmud. At present, three groups in the BNP are contesting the nomination war. There are two committees in the BNP. Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury’s family wants to ask his son and BNP central committee member Humam Kader Chowdhury to make the candidate. Shawkat Ali Noor, convenor of their respective committee and Professor Mohsin, joint convener. Chowdhury family controlled the greater part of the Rangunia BNP under their leadership. Outside, another group controlled the northern district BNP convenor and central Joint Secretary General Karlatin Leader Aslam Chowdhury. President of his approved committee Professor Kutub Uddin Bahar, General Secretary Abu Ahmed Hasnat, Chairman of the former Upazila. However, as the president of the committee, Kutub Uddin carried the identity of the bahar but the general secretary was abstained. Outside these two groups, the BNP’s Vice Chairman Abdullah Al Noman gave shadows to the group working to bring about the formation of BNP politics in Rangpur in the 1980s. Several leaders of the three groups have collected party nominations yesterday. The BNP sources said that some more parties will be nominated in the nowadays. But there is no end to speculation among the leaders and activists about who is the party or coalition candidate.

Chowdhury’s family members claim that victory will be guaranteed if the nomination of Hammad Quader Chowdhury or wife Farhat Qader Chowdhury, son of late Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury. On Monday night, the convenor of Rangunia BNP convenor Shawkat Ali Nur and Professor Md. Humayun Kader Chowdhury, who is currently in London, received the green signal for the party nomination form. More than 100 leaders led by Mohsin went to Dhaka. On Tuesday, the leaders and activists returned to the BNP’s central office and took no nomination form to take nomination form on Tuesday. In this news, Dhumrajal was created by the activists. Chowdhury family will not choose any of the opponents. But the joint convener of a section of the BNP said. Mohsin said that time has been found to delay the election schedule. Within a few days, Humam kader will come from London So he will actually collect the nomination form and submit it. Another source said, the Chowdhury family wanted to see a little more to know whether the level playing field was confirmed before going to the field. So activists are forbidden to collect nomination forms. His uncle Giasuddin Quader Chowdhury took the nomination form for the Rangunia constituency yesterday but he did not collect the nomination form for Humam Kader. He was elected MP from Ranigunia in the 1986 election of Langal symbol of Jatiya Party. Gias Kader Chowdhury from Rangania seems to be more safe than his seat Raozan is going to cross the election. If there is no public announcement yet to contest the election from Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury family, then there is a long list of locally contested candidates in Rangunia. Former BNP secretary general Prof Yunus Chowdhury, Senior BNP leader Azam Khan, Upazila BNP leader industrialist Alhaj Ilyas Chowdhury, the former BNP BNP secretary general, took the nomination form to contest the Rangunia seat till yesterday. Ayub, the other party president of the upazila BNP, is presently curator Prof Kutub Uddin Bahar, convenor of North District Zia Parishad Rotaryan Jasim Uddin Chowdhury and Northern District Jubo Dal general secretary Murad Chowdhury. BNP joint convener Professor Mohsin said that BNP candidate Salauddin Quader Chowdhury’s family is in limelight in Rangunia constituency if there is a possibility that Hamam Kader Chowdhury will be the candidate. He said that Humam will choose who else will not be able to cross the election. According to another source, according to the situation, if the Chowdhury family abstains from the voting area, their preferred candidate will be raised in Rangunia. It is known that former Upazila Chairman Abu Ahmed Hasnat or Upazila BNP Convenor Alhaj Shawkat Ali Nur can be the candidate. They will also collect nomination forms after tomorrow. BNP’s former general secretary Prof Yunus Chowdhury said, BNP Democratic Party The party’s activities can not be stopped by any person or family. Everyone has the right to nomination. Senior Vice President of North District Jatiyatabadi unit, Ashul Uddin said, “Humam Qader will be the candidate of the party in Rangunia constituency. It is very sure. Apart from the party activists, there are separate images of Chowdhury family in Rangunia. Upazila BNP convener Shawkat Ali Nur said they can not perform any party programs in the area. Most of the party leaders in the city are afraid of arrest in false cases. It is sure that Humam Kader will be the candidate of BNP. However, if there is any reason for this, he will want to nominate. Party leader LDP leader Md. Nurul Alam has collected the party nomination form and the Rangunia seat for the coalition has demanded the position of Colonel Oli Ahmed on the priority basis, said the former chairman of the Upazila LDP, Fazlul Kader Talukdar, that after the BNP came to power in 1991, the progress made in Rangunia under the leadership of Nurul Alam is still visible. . The people of Rangunia did not vote for him. If he is the candidate of the 20-party alliance, he will be easy to win, he said.


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