In St. Martin, weighing 35 kg of fish sold at Tk 10 lakh


Chittagong reporter:
One fish was sold at Teknaf’s St.Martinweep at 10 lakh rupees. The fish were caught in the trap of Abdul Ghani on Tuesday night on 13 November. The weight of the fish is 35 kg. The second person changed his hands in a short time and the money was sold by two lakh taka. At 9:30 pm, the price of the fish has gone up to 13 million. The island is going to celebrate an eye on the island. Besides, two teams of government and traders from Cox’s Bazar reserve the boat to see the fish and have reached the island in the evening.
Sentmartinweep UP Chairman Nur Ahmad said, “The dead sultan of Ward no.
Ahmad’s son, Abdul Gani, was caught daily in the fishing nets in the Bay of Bengal on the south of the island. At the beginning of the afternoon, the fish sold at the St. Martininwip at a cost of 8 lakh rupees. Fazal Karim, son of Omar Mia, resident of the same ward bought the fish. He bought the fish at Tk. 8 lakh and sold it to Teknaf businessman at Tk. 10 lakhs. Fazal Karim has earned Tk 2 lakh from selling the fish in a short time. The marine fish popped red. Local’s felicited Sonali Poya locally Cox’s Bazar businessman expressed interest in buying 13 lakh taka when news of the fish caught in the weight of 35 kg was spread quickly through social media (Face book). But the 3rd person is not making Teknaf businessman or 15 lacs down!
Asked about the reason for selling a fish at a price of 35 kg, St.MartinDip UP chairman Nur Ahmad said, “Actually, the price of fish is not so much. Fish lungs are expensive Padena or Pesza in fishermen languages The price of one kg is at least 90 thousand taka. The fish exports are exported abroad. Big fish lungs are very demanding abroad. With this, medicine is made of rare medical products, including operation.
Asked about the matter, Teknaf Senior Fisheries Officer Delwar Hossain said, “The fish is poppy. Generally such a big pope is rare. There are deep sea generally, such a big fish are not caught in the trap of fishermen maybe luckily caught ‘.


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