‘Hasina: A Dottor’s Tale’ is being released on November 16



Staff reporter:
Awami League President Hasina: A Dottor’s Tale, released on November 16, is a documentary titled ‘Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’. On that day, the film will be released simultaneously on the silver screen of Star Cineplex, Madhumita Cinema Hall, Blockbuster Cinemas and Chittagong. A day before this 70-minute-long documentary will be held in the city’s Star Cineplex on Thursday 15 November.
On Tuesday morning, a press conference was held in the capital’s Krishib Institutions auditorium organized by the Center for Research and Information (CRI).
Present on the press conference were Executive Director of DokuFilmation CRI Sabbir Bin Shams, Director of DokuFilmation Piplu Khan and distributor of the film Gausul Azam Shaon and Shibu Kumar Shil. Center for Research and Information (CRI) has produced Dakufilmati for Redwan Mujib Siddiq and Nasrul Hamid Bipu.
Director Piplu Khan said that this documentary was not presented to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh or Awami League President Sheikh Hasina. He is also a common man, Bangabandhu’s daughter; Attempted to present it to everyone. Because of which the people around Sheikh Hasina are also portrayed as characters.
Referring to the highest freedom of work, Piplu Khan said, I did the job as I want to show Sheikh Hasina. He did not create any table of rules. As a result, the work was like my mind. Since Sheikh Hasina is a political personality, she has to do research on all aspects of history, political perspective, transformation of power, her experience of individual and political life, and her views on the overall situation of the country. It took five years for the job to be challenging.
Regarding the initial preparations of the work, he said, starting with a 14-page concept paper and some music- with a partner. After that, the prime minister’s daily work was muffled and time was shot. That is why it took a long time to finish the job. Hopefully, the picture will look good to everyone. He urges everyone who loves Sheikh Hasina or who does not love him – to see the picture.
Sabbir Bin Shams said, “We see Sheikh Hasina as a form of country’s development.” Who is completing the unfinished works of Bangabandhu. Sheikh Hasina, one of her outsiders, came out in this film.
Gausul Azam Shaon said this is not a documentary made on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. This is a movie made on the daughter of Bangabandhu. So that everyone can know about 75 before and after Sheikh Hasina.
In the documentary, Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehana have expressed emotional voice and visualization, after the brutal assassination of Bangabandhu in 1975, the troubled times and the pictures of the two sisters’s exiled life cycle. Sheikh Hasina has also highlighted the story of the daughter of Bangabandhu, sometimes a mother, a sister, and a common man, in this documentary.
The film ‘Hasina: A Dotter Tail’ has been produced by Joint Production of the Center for Research and Information (CRI) and AppleBox Films of Awami League Research Institute. The film was filmed by Sadiq Ahmed Edited by Nabnita Sen and Music Director Debjyoti Mishra.


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