Gazipur Konabari Hotel Otithi & Bonvojon Expedition Police


Amir Hossain:
Kanabari Thana Police Station is arresting 18 young women from the Ashikan Hotel in the city of Kahanbari area of ​​Gazipur Police Station.

At 11pm on Tuesday (13th November) at Kannabari Police Station Police Superintendent Kalyndari Nath Goldar said, “There are 9 women in the Otithi  hotel, 4 men and 5 women and 4 men from Bonvojon Is detained.

According to Kandhari Nath, I was abducted and I was abducted by police officer SI Hamidul Islam, SI Rafiqul Islam ASI and other members of the police station. All the staff, including the staff and the broker in the hotel, went to the private door and went to the secret door. They were arrested in the custory of the police station. The legal process will be sent to the court.


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