Yamaha launches three-wheel bikes



Japanese company Yamaha has introduced a new model of three wheels called Nikon GT. The new bike is already sold in Britain and America. The specialty of this bike is that there are 25 liters of panirs beside its back seat. So many things can be carried out effortlessly. The more interesting thing about the bike is that it has the power to charge mobile or other electronic gadgets. Simple bikes skid many times while traveling around. But because of the two wheels in front of Nikon, it balances it. Yamaha’s new bike is in front of the wide windscreen and seat. There are also Hits Handball Grip This cylinder has 847 cc of three cylinders and 6 gear cruise control. With the fourth gear, the speed velocity of 80 kilometers per hour will be automatically operated by the controller. All of these facilities will also have to calculate the huge amount of money to get ownership of a Nikon GT. In Britain, the price of this bike is 13,500 pounds, and 16 thousand dollars in the United States (Bangladeshi around 14 million).


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