Let’s talk with Sheikh Hasina Live talk with young people on November 16



Staff reporter:
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will be attending the ‘Let’s Talk’ program to share with young people about their new ideas and ideas about Bangladesh before the voting. A press release from the organizer of the Center for Research and Information (CRI) has said that the new generation will participate in the program on 16 November and the prime minister will tell her future thoughts about Bangladesh; Listen to the dreams of young people, dreams of fulfillment and dream of building Bangladesh. The ‘Let’s talk with Sheikh Hasina’ program will be broadcast live on several television channels at 3-5pm on that day at Gonobhaban.-bdnews24
According to the press release, “according to various research reports, the most popular leader of the youth of Bangladesh, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. And why he is appearing on the Let’s Talk program to prove his popularity to the youth once more. ”
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will discuss about various policymakers in the country with 150 young people selected from all over the country.
Organized by various professionals, employers, entrepreneurs, students, sports and cultural activists and enthusiastic youth representatives to form the country will participate in this.
Youths are getting the opportunity to talk to the Prime Minister about the different policies taken by the government for the youth, various steps and plans for the development of a future Bangladesh, and various steps of the government to take the country forward.
CRI says, in the history of Bangladesh, for the ‘first time’ Prime Minister faces the youth. In a press release, the Prime Minister will give new information about her youth during the ceremony to give inspiration to the present generation. Apart from this, the Prime Minister’s life will also be discussed as a common man. The Prime Minister will talk to the young people about personal life, own thoughts and thoughts.
The CRIs are regularly organizing ‘let’s talk’ so that youths can openly discuss issues with policy makers and reach their own thinking and problems to the policy makers. Sajeeb Wazed Joy, son of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her IT Advisor Sajeeb Wajed Joy, has been present at the ceremony several times.
Shah Ali Farhad, senior analyst and coordinator of CRI, said, “The Prime Minister said that he dedicated the present to the youth considering the future of youth. So, how grateful he is for young people. He welcomed the arrangement of the CRI. “Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has always tried to keep herself involved with the common people. And that is why he wrote letters written by ordinary people. Not only this, he also replies to these letters. Apart from being questioned several times, he has emphasized the role of young generation in building a better Bangladesh. “


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