Singapore Airlines builds record Continuous 18 hours of flying



Economic reporter:
Singapore Airlines builds record for Continuous 18 hours of flying. The Singapore Airlines ‘SQ22’, landing at New York’s network airport, flew 17 hours and 52 minutes on foot. The total number of passengers on the plane was 150 people.

The plane started its journey from Singapore Changi Airport to New York at local time 11:35 pm on Thursday. There were 17 crew members, including two drivers. They gave 16,000 sms of space in the sky, 16 thousand seven hundred kilometers. In the Premium Economy category, for Singapore to New York, the rental was $ 2150, which is about Tk 80,000 in Bangladeshi currency. This rental, with a return ticket, will stand at 3500 USD (around 3 lakh taka in Bangladeshi currency). There was a huge entertainment arrangement in the plane. There is a special focus on eating and drinking so long that someone does not get sick on the long journey. There were also plenty of organic food arrangements. It was arranged to reduce the problem of jet lamps. Special lighting Singapore Airlines has operated this flight with a new Airbus, holding only 161 seats. Of these, 67 are in Business Class and 94 in Economics Class. The flight between New York and Singapore is considered to be quite popular among the major financial centers in the world. Earlier, the longest air travel record was Qatar Airways. The plane of Singapore-New York Route has delayed the longest flight from ‘Doha 9 hours 40 minutes’ to Auckland ‘Flight 921’. Because the aircraft used to run these flights, it would cost more fuel and it was not getting any benefit for it. But the new Airbus is expected to be quite affordable


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