seaports are advancing in the 2nd warning signal


Chittagong reporter:
Cyclone ‘Gaza’ in the eastern bay of the Bay of Bengal and the adjoining Bay of Bengal and the southeastern Bay of Bengal has been advised to show the distant warning of Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Mongla and Pigeon Seaport for distant north-west direction.

Sunday’s Meteorological Department warns that the cyclone is located at 645 kilometers south-southwest of Chittagong Port, 975 kilometers south-southwest of Cox’s Bazar port, 1000 kilometers south of Mongla port and 965 kilometers south of Pigeon Port.It can move further westward to the northwest.

The message further says that the continuous maximum wind speed of 54 kilometers per hour is 62 kilometers per hour, which is growing up to 88 kilometers in the form of gusts or winds. The sea is very rough near the cyclone center.

Fishing boats and trawlers operating in the Bay of Bengal have been advised to travel near the coast carefully until further notice. They were told not to roam the deep sea.


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