Election is a month back application to the EC UnityFront will take part in the vote



Staff reporter:
BNP-led alliance and national unified front will fight in the 11th parliamentary election. Election of the 10th Jatiya Sangsad held on 4 January 2014, due to boycotting these groups, Awami League got the chance to win in 154 uncontested seats. The Election Commission announced the voting schedule for the last 8 days, whether it will take part in the vote. On December 23, the date for the voting was decided. After the announcement of the schedule, several parties, including the Awami League and the Jatiya Party, started distributing nomination papers. The BNP and its alliance led to intense reactions. Many, the party and the coalition alliance threatened to fight the BNP In this situation, the BNP and its allies had formally announced the fight for the last two days. However, they now condition that the voting date is at least one month behind. Chief Election Commissioner KM Nurul Huda said on Sunday afternoon that if everyone wants to change the date is possible. Today, he will announce his decision on Monday. Awami League General Secretary Bridge Minister Obaidul Quader also said yesterday, “If any party demands to be behind the election, it will be obeyed or not.” If the Election Commission wants to increase the time, the Awami League will not have any objection. “However, former President Prof Badruddoza Chaudhuri’s alliance jointly joined the Election Commission yesterday, demanding that the date of voting would be delayed by one week to 30 December.
The BNP and its allies broke out on Sunday at around the same time as the leaders of the BNP-led coalition announced their formal declaration. BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir announced the participation of the National UnityFront for the National Press Club in Dhaka. The main leader of the united front Kamal Hossain read out the signed statement. On the other hand, BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia’s Gulshan Office announced the choice of the alliance of the League of Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) president. Colonel (retrd) Oli Ahmed. The leaders of the two parties have portrayed them as part of the movement to take part in their Ghonasaya vote. They said, as part of the movement, we will fight in the polls. BNP Secretary-General Mirza Fakhrul said, “We are not coming away from the demand for the seven-point demand we have given for participatory and acceptable elections.” “We are demanding the announcement of the schedule for one month after the cancellation of the current schedule of the election and the new schedule will be announced,” he added. In that case, elections will be possible only during the tenure of the present parliament. “This means that the new party, led by the BNP, has announced that it will break away from the demand of organizing the polls by breaking the current parliament, before the BNP or the united front.
BNP secretary general said, “The minimum requirement for the fair elections is not yet met for the minimum level playing field. Despite the announcement of the election schedule, various publications including BTV and various electronic media are being carried out on the development campaign of the government Which is a clear violation of the code of conduct. “Fakhrul said,” Former EC Commissioner Despite the objections of almost all the parties and people of the country including Shamsul Huda, the government and the Election Commission have decided to use EVMs. Therefore, the decision to participate in the elections for the national united front is very difficult. In the adverse circumstances, the National UnityFrench has decided to participate in the election as part of the movement to restore the country’s democracy. “The unity front leader was present at the press conference. Kamal Hossain, ASM Abdur Rab, Barrister Moudud Ahmed, Mahmudur Rahman Manna, Dr. Jafarullah Chowdhury, Mustafa Mohsin Montu and others.
On Sunday, the nomination of candidates will be finalized on the basis of a compromise between the two allies. Oli Ahmed. After this announcement, there was no meeting between the United Front and the 20-party alliance till last night. The new coordinator of the Twenty team did not mention when the meeting will be held or whether the seats will be shared. Oli Ahmed said, 20 party alliances believe in democracy, so they want elections So 20 party alliances will participate in upcoming elections. We will take part in the elections with understanding with the United Front. He further said, we demand that the government will not create new problems for the release of the leader of the country by releasing the leader of the country to avoid inevitable massacre, breaking the parliament will ensure the level field, and the constitutional government is free from the government’s influence for free and fair elections. Will do the duty, arrest and harass any leader of any political party.
Awami League’s main political opponent BNP is now represented in two political alliances. A national united front, the other is the combination of the twenty-two parties.
During the formation of the National Unity Forum, the Chief Leader said that no opposition or compromise will be made with any force against liberation war. Kamal Hossain. Later, B Chowdhury refrained from joining the unity in alternative debates by joining the debate. Dr. As per the announcement of Oli Ahmed, the party’s alliance and the national united front will nominate the party in the elections on the basis of the compromise. In this case, two teams of two poles must negotiate with the seat distribution. And Jamaat-e-Islami, which is one of the allies of the BNP-led 20-party alliance. In this case There is no compromise with the opponents of Kamal Hossain’s predicted liberation war, the question of how much this declaration will continue, the question has been raised in political circles.


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