The environment has been fined due to financing the completion of the pond filled; the market is in the constraint



Chittagong reporter:
In the mysterious silence of the concerned authorities, the pond of the hundred years old near the Mosque of Chandgaon Pathaniaagoda area became filled in the speed of the fast. There are now preparations for the construction of the market.
In the face of objection to the people of the area, the Department of Environment has taken responsibility for the filling of the pond against the concerned only due to the fine. But environmentalists demanded that the pond could be saved from the filling of the pond if the directorate of the environment was saved. Locals complained against the Fire Service and Land Offices.
It is found that the centenary pond in front of the Baytun Noor Jami Mosque of the Pathianagoda area is filled with sand. After the filling, the workers are continuing to work in the dark of day and night with tin roof surrounded by workers. There is also a forekania madrassa beside the mosque. Students of the mosque and the forekania madrasa students used to work in the pond, said locals.
It is known that on 15th September, after publishing the news in the Daily the Department of Environment fined two lakh 19 thousand 744 taka for the people responsible for the pond. Then the Department of Environment adopts mysterious silence on this matter. On the other hand, the people who have been responsible for getting the impunity, the people who are responsible for finishing their pond filled the work faster. However, according to the Environment Protection Act (revised in 2010) it is prohibited to fill any kind of water. Asked if the liability is terminated by financing, director of the Department of Environment (Chittagong Metropolitan Region) Azadur Rahman Mallick said,They have been fined for pond filling. Now let’s do the CDA. We do not have any issues here.
The statement of the Department of Environment was totally contrary to the law and said the former Additional Director General of Environment Bachao Andolan (Paba) Abdus Sobhan told the “Environmental law should have taken more steps. There were also opportunities. The Department of Environment cannot avoid liability in any way. It is important to take effective measures of the Department of Environment.
Asked, Chittagong Development Authority (CDA) Chief Town Planner, Shahinul Islam Khan told, “No one has appealed to us to fill up the pond, to build a market or establishment.” However, it is not the question of allowing the market to be filled in the pond by applying the pond. Shahinul Islam thanked him for informing him about the establishment of the establishment and said, “I am sending a query.
Locals said that there was fear of water piracy with fire-accidents due to the loss of the pond. During the pond filling, there was written to the Department of Environment, Fire Service and CDA, but no organization took effective measures to protect the pond.
According to the Natural Reservoir Protection Act-2000, it is illegal to fill any ponds, ponds, rivers, canals etc. According to Section 5 of the Act, changes in the category of natural water reservoir, or otherwise used, rent, lease or transfer is illegal. If a person violates this provision, then under Section 8 and 12 of the Act, the sentence of five years imprisonment – or more than 50 thousand rupees – or both will be denied. At the same time, according to the Environment Protection Act (revised in 2010), it is prohibited to fill any kind of water.
Meanwhile, in addition to the Department of Environment, on 6 September, the local residents of Ayakub had written a written complaint to stop the pond, but the Fire Service did not take any action in this regard. Fire Service Deputy Director, Chittagong Abdul Mannan told that on Sep 12, Assistant Director Kamal Uddin Chowdhury has been asked to investigate the matter. He can tell this thing. When contacted, Kamal Uddin Chowdhury said a three-member inquiry committee was formed in this regard. But they have not told me anything about this yet. I’m seeing this.


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