Many of the activists of the prison and hideout City BNP in crisis


Chittagong reporter:
BNP’s leadership in crisis  Many senior leaders  in jail Some are still in the case of hulia in the hiding. In this situation, the junior leaders took the party forward. Organizational activity is running. At the moment of the election, the leadership crisis of the party raised the fear of grassroots activists. As a result, the BNP may fall in the face of a huge number of candidates in the eleventh parliamentary elections.
Chittagong Metropolitan ,BNP organizing committee, North and South districts. These three committees led by the BNP’s activities in Chittagong But city BNP president After the arrest of Shahadat Hossain and general secretary Abul Hashem Bakker, the BNP is facing a lot of crisis in the city. In this situation City BNP vice-president Abu Sufian Acting President and Senior Joint Secretary SM Saiful Alam took over as acting general secretary.
On the other hand, Uttar Pradesh BNP convener Aslam Chowdhury has been in jail for a number of years. After the death of General Secretary Kazi Abdullah Al Hasan, the leadership crisis became more prominent in the north. Other leaders of the party are only conducting organizational programs.
However, South District BNP has some convenient location than the Metropolitan and North district BNP. General Secretary of South District BNP Gazi Shahjahan Jewel is seen less in comparative organizational work, but President Alhaj Zafrul Islam Chowdhury is present at the field. Under his leadership, the South district BNP programs are being observed.
According to BNP sources, BNP’s Standing Committee member and former minister Amir Khasru Mahmud Chowdhury and vice chairman of the party and former minister Abdullah Al Noman led the party as the guardian in Chittagong. Most of Chittagong’s leaders and activists follow them. Among them, Amir Khasru Mahmud Chowdhury is currently in jail. There is a lot of acceptance of the party’s high command, grassroots. On October 21, the court sent him to jail for canceling bail in the ICT Act. He is in prison from that. Earlier on August 4thAmir Khasru Mahmud Chowdhury filed a case against Kotwali Police Station in the city’s acting general secretary Zakaria Dastagir. The case was filed under Article 57 (2) of the Information Technology Act and 15/3 of the Special Powers Act, for the sake of sabotage and conspiracy against the state using electronic devices. On Nov 4, the High Court granted interim bail to Amir Khasru on Nov 4. There is no barrier on his bail.
Meanwhile, on Oct 22, Metropolitan BNP General Secretary Abul Hashem Bakkar was arrested and Kotwali Police Station Police arrested. Now he is in prison City BNP president said. Shahadat Hossain is also in jail. On 7 November, police made him police in front of the CMM court in Dhaka. The top leaders of the city committee are in jail because there is a crisis under the leadership of the party. Besides, central organizing secretary Mahbubur Rahman Shamim was active in different activities of city, north and south district BNP. He was arrested on October 22 last. As a result, there is a sort of co-ordination with the center of leadership.
Metropolitan BNP office secretary Idris said, detained in the city BNP chief said. There are more than 30 to 40 cases against most leaders, including Shahadat Hossain and general secretary Abul Hashem Bakkar. Again, many are in hiding in the case.

Among the police detainees in more than one case, the BNP vice president said. Iqbal Chowdhury along with the general secretary. Ibrahim Chowdhury, central Juba Dal member Shamsul Haque, Metropolitan BNP organizing secretary Kamrul Islam, training secretary Md. Yakub Chowdhury, Youth Affairs Secretary Abbas Rashid, Religious Affairs Secretary Rehana Uddin Chief, Labor Affairs Secretary Abu Mura, Metropolitan BNP Executive Board Mohammad Bulbul, Azizur Rahman Babul, Akbarshah Police Station’s former councilor Abdus Sattar Selim, Kotwali Police Station General Secretary Alhaj Zakir Hossain, Baklia Thana BNP’s general secretary Aftabur Rahman Shaheen, Chandgaon thana BNP general secretary Sharif Uddin Khan, Chakbazar thana BNP general secretary Noor Hossain, Doublemooring Thana BNP organizing secretary Noor Uddin Sohel, Akbar Shah BNP vice president Shahid Ullah Bhuiyan, joint secretary Wasimul Gani, Halishahar thana BNP vice president Mujib Ullah Roy, Metropolitan Juba Dal Senior Joint Secretary Mosharraf Hossain, Joint Secretary of the Metropolitan Volunteer Team, Jamir Uddin Ahida and Organizing Secretary Ziaur Rahman, Dal leader Saiful Alam, numerous leaders of the city. There are 10 to 15 cases against these detained leaders.
When asked about the BNP’s acting general secretary SM Saiful Alam told daily Muslim times, “The activities of the city BNP are managed through 15 thanas and 41 ward committees.” Many leaders of the party are currently in prison besides, thousands of BNP leaders are arrested every day. Even then we have the preparation of the field for the elections. Party leaders and workers organized. If the team decides to go to the polls, we will not have any problem.
Saiful Alam said, “The cases against the activists are not so dead. They will not survive in the court. There will be no problem in participating in these cases. Hopefully, the arrested activists will get bail. If you do not get bail, then it is possible to choose from the jail


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