GEC ramp of Akhtaruzzaman Flyover ramp railing pipe disappeared



Chittagong reporter:
Three months after the inauguration of the GEC ramp of Akhtaruzzaman flyover, the railings of the railing have disappeared. On July 20, the chairman of the Chittagong Development Authority (CDA) Abdus Salam inaugurated the GEC ramp of flyover. As a result, GECs from Bahaddarhat and Bayjid are easily reaching the flyover without traffic congestion. Miscreants have been cutting the steel pipe from the GEC part of the flyover. Bahadarhat MA Mannan flyover has already stripped this SS pipe several times before the railing of the ramp, CDA official said.
In this context, CDA Chairman Abdus Salam told, “The flyover is for the people only Thousands of people are being protected from traffic congestion using this flyover. Some rogue flyover cuts the railing pipe by cutting it. Earlier, the railing pipe was also cut off from Bahaddarhat several times. After that we rehabilitated them. ‘
He also said flyover is not a thing to keep guard. People will see the goodness of the people only. What does one have to do if he does not understand his own loss? Yet we will see, so that nobody can do this in the future. ‘
Akhtaruzzaman flyover project director Mahfuzur Rahman said, waiting for the opportunity to steal many miscreants during the flyover work. Miscreants steal various things from the ramp under construction. Flyover railing SS pipes are connected with one. Still it was cut and stolen. At one stage he expressed anger and said who steals this pipe?
He also said that when the work of the flyover is completed, we will sit with the administration, we will do whatever is needed to stop the theft. There is a plan to launch the GEC ramp to flyover on November 22 this month. After completion of the work of this ramp, action will be taken.


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