Bijoy Mela Program Announcement Counterpart of the new committee’s victory march


Chittagong reporter:
Coming the month of v December Victory of the War of Liberation Begun from 1 December every year at the Outer Stadium of the city. However the crisis has surrounded the organizers of the fair this year.
The leaders of the newly formed Liberation War Vijaymela Parishad have announced the program of Bijoy Mela at a press conference on Saturday. But the previous committee has rejected these announcements. Referring to the new committee as invalid, the leaders of the previous committee said that they should take the responsibility of the C-Gala fairs for the incitement of these incidents.
Among the many fairs organized in Chittagong, the most popular liberation war of the victory season the fair is crowded around December every year Celebrated with the slogan ‘Victory of the War of Liberation, the pride of the Bengali heroes’.

The fair is coming. Late City Awami League President ABM Mohiuddin Chowdhury took the initiative to organize the fair first. After two weeks of his death on December 15 last year, a 74-member Bijoy Mela Parishad committee was constituted after his son Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury was made chairman. The committee also took permission from the ministry to use the field to use the fair in April this year But on October 28, at the auditorium of the city’s municipality, freedom fighter commander. In the chairmanship of Shahabuddin, a meeting was called in the second meeting called ‘Muktijoddha Bijoy Mela Committee-2011’. In this, acting chairman of Awami League Mahtabuddin Chowdhury was made chairman and freedom fighter Abul Hashem, acting chairman and freedom fighter Muzaffer Ahmed was made the general secretary.
New committee leaders announced this year’s program at a press conference held at the Press Club this Saturday. Effective Chairman Abul Hashem read out the written statement at the press conference. He said there was no division in the new committee at that time. He told journalists, “The statement that has been published in the newspaper recently was not correct in the Awami League with the committee of the Bijoy Mela Parishad. There is no reason to split in the city Awami League with the newly formed committee. We may have some misunderstandings. But they have been resolved. ‘
Responding to the question of why the new committee was given in a committee to uphold the fair, Abul Hashem said, “In the last 30 years, the formation of this council is going to be elected every year by the new general meeting of the council and elected chairman, co-chairman, secretary-general of the freedom fighters Are there. As long as the freedom fighters are alive, they will be the ones who will adorn these titles. Then the children of the intellectuals will take the main responsibility of the council. As a result, this year, the council committee has been formed every year like this year. “He added,” We formed a committee of 261 this year. This committee has been made by adding all of them. No one has been mined here. ‘
But the previous committee of the victorious Parishad rejected the demands. The General Secretary of the council, Mohammad Yunus told, ‘We have a legitimate committee in this fair. Our committee is still in force. If there is a committee after us, then we will hand over everything to the committee. But they did not sit with us in the city corporation and made a committee and doing various provocative works.
Referring to any other motto behind the new committee’s work, he said, “This counter-committee will have a clash about the victory of the fair, and there will be conflicts. It will not be solved. We also took permission from army, district administration and ministry to celebrate the fair. No one has permission from them. ‘
‘There is a direct mandate for the election of the parliament, no work that could have an impact on the election, we have our mandate. But Mohiuddin’s brother-in-law supporters are offended at this committee. I am trying everybody to do a peaceful solution. ‘
Asked whether any decision has been taken against the announcement of the counter committee he said, “We have not yet made any decision.” All decisions will be taken in a meeting. Awami League presidium member and The Chief Adviser of our committee Engineer Mosharraf Hossain a veteran freedom fighter. The way we decide, we will come forward.
Meanwhile, the newly formed Bijoy Malla Parishad announced the seven-day program that marked the forthcoming Jatiya Sangsad election, which was short of the fair. Effective chairman Abul Hashem said in the written statement that, due to the election, the fairs are being organized in a short span of this year due to the election. Speaker of the Parliament will inaugurate the fair on December 10. Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury. Shaheed will shine victory flame Abdul Ali’s daughter Dr. Nuzhat Chowdhury The program will run till December 16. But the fair will be run from 1 to 30 December.
It will be informed at the press conference that the program will be held in the week-long winner’s event, including cultural programs including memorials of freedom fighters, youth gathering, freedom fighters assembly, women’s gathering, rallying of children of freedom fighters, portraying and music competition. At the end of the fair, the cost of the fair will be presented at the press conference. Besides, the ‘Bijoy’ memorial will also be released from the council.


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