Collection of nomination forms Awami League in Rajbari-2 constituency



 Staff Reporter:
In the forthcoming 23rd Dec. 11 parliamentary elections, 5 candidates hoping to nominate Rajbari-2 (Pangsha, Ballyyakandi and Kalukhali) in the Upazilas will be nominated for the nomination form on Friday.
President of Independence Chakitsak Parishid (Independence) Professor Dr. M Iqbal AlSalan, organizing secretary of Krishligar in Bangladesh and a sub-committee member of Kendrriya Roth and Ceremonies of Awami League in Bangladesh, Nure Alam Suddiqi Haque, Editor of Dakshi Janata Court, Convener of Awami League in Awami League, and Deputy Committees of Agriculture and Co-operative Agriculture Comilla member Muhammad Mhedi Hasan, Duputty Ati Janorle Farhad Ahmad, Pangsha Upazila Choreman Professor Faridi Hasan ODud Dhanmondi Awami League presided over the nomination form from Rajtawatikiki Office. .
President of Freedom Chaktisakara Professor Dr. M. Iqbal has been actively involved with the organization for over 35 years. Before this, Tony was in the Modern Assessee (BMA) Secretary General in Bengal. His father late Dr. AKM Aszad Hossain is a member of Rajbari-2 constituency. In the area, his father has given four acres of land for the fury of school-mad, madrasa and mosque. He came to Nayooyoti area and performed various welfare works including modal camps. Awami League President Sheikh Hasina wants to become the next President of the country.
Organizer secretary Nure Alam Suddiqi Haq, organizing secretary of the Kendriya Krishak League, joins the masses. In the next parliament, the Nation has announced that a new generation of young people will be happy. According to him, if he is nominated, then he is 100 percent optimistic about being a builder. All the people of the village are invited to attend the ceremony along with the bride and groom, and they are going to get inspiration from the side.
During the tenure of law enacted in London, Muhammad Madhe Hassan, during the tenure of the Bangabandhu Act student Kundrauli Kamriti organizing secretary of the organization, Chilin. Organizational secretary of Bangabandhu Barrister Council in London at Chalin. Members of the United Kingdom Awami League at the latest. In London, Bangabandhu was working in the area after working with Hasnira. In the middle of the decade and in the twinkling of all the work. In recent times, people are doing mass contact in Toni area. Because of that, she wants to nominate her for the party.
Farhad Ahmad has already posted posters in the Datueti Ertijnororl.
Professor Faridi Hasan Adud Pangsha Upazila Chyorman and joint general secretary of Awami League. In the politics of Tony and her fiancée, activism and public support
Rajbari-2 parliamentary seats in 7 union parishad and 7 union parishad of Belayikandi sub-district of Rajbari district. The Awami League occupied the seat in the last elections. In the upazila, the dead clique kept the seat


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