Why is Rabindranath in front of Korea’s First Lady?


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Korea has a long historical relation with Ayodhya in India. That is why the South Korean First Lady was present as the chief guest at the Dipablo
Kim Jong Suk on Tuesday, at Ramnath Park Avenue, when Kim Jong-Shuk’s helicopter touched the ground, there was a furor around.
Kim Jong Suk welcomed two actors Rama and Sita Avatar.
After this, the speech of India and South Korea, the president of the country’s President Zunein In the speech of Kim, only the relations of the two countries did not come up; Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore
He was heard in his face. South Korea’s First Lady remembers the historic relationship of India with Korean while giving a speech at the academy. During this time, both countries wanted prosperity and welfare
He Recalling Mahatma Gandhi and Rabindranath Tagore; he said that there is a lot of happiness in Korea with India. It is a pleasure to celebrate the island of Ayodhya with all of you. Rabindranath’s name in front of South Korea’s First Lady! Maybe it’s a little surprised to hear. Many people can ask questions, how did he read in the love of Rabi Thakur? You have to look back to find these answers in 1916
In Rabindranath’s visit to Japan this was his first visit to Japan. Rabindranath Tagore met the Korean students of different universities there. Discuss with them and understand, Koreans have their own culture. They are trying their best to save the existence of that culture.
Japan takes possession of Korea during World War I the Japanese army carried out unsubstantiated reprisals on the Koreas. Korean culture is destroyed. Rabindranath felt it in their words. After this, Rabindranath used his visit as a platform to highlight Korea’s geopolitical problems.
He criticized Japan’s aggression policy on Korea. In response to Robi Thakur’s comments, Japan reacted sharply. But he did not stop. The answer was counter-productiveDefied poetry.
He wrote ‘C (Korea) Is Sailent with Eyes Downcast; C has left rate home bhound rate But it is heard that Japan’s Chai name is Sun Writing poetry Rabindranath


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