Palestinians fight for the race to cycle through cycling


International Dusk:
Shoaib Samara, a resident of Gaza Valley, was involved in the use of CISA. Like many other youths in the world’s largest open prison in distress, they feel sick from the age of 20
He lives Decided to ride a bike at the same time, for the sake of well-being, as the disease was cured through physical exercise. Soon his personal desire was transformed into political determination. On average
the organization called Cycling Palestine. Dream of every Palestinian regardless of men and women-Christian-Muslims: One day the end will be ‘Paribas in their land’; it will be attained ‘freedom’.
With the organizational initiative of Shuhaib, so many Palestinian young people, like freedom fighter Malak Hassan, get involved. By making symbolic weapons of ‘cycles’, they can take their own path in the land United With their own soil and culture. They are demanding their right to land in the already occupied lands through travel. The new occupation is trying to prevent


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