Gunfight with the police Three hijackers arrested with arms in the city


Chittagong reporter:
Metropolitan Police arrested three hijackers, including arms from Gari Kotwali and Pahartoli area. Jumman Hossain Prakash Jumman driver (22) and Md Jahangir along with arms, bullets and knives from Kotwali Mariner’s road Masud Prakash Kala Masud (27) two hijackers and Pahartali Signal Colony Jame Mosque a hijacked person named Fazr Ali (19) was arrested in the area while hijacking the area. Kotwali Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Md. Mohsin said that on Wednesday morning, the news of the presence of hijackers in CNG auto rickshaw on Mariner’s road, Pulashi raided the operation. At the time, police firing took place with them. Later, police arrested two hijackers while shooting at the foot while fleeing. More than 3 hijackers fled the scene. He said that a countrywide weapon, bullet and two knives were recovered from the hijackers. A CNG auto-rickshaw was seized for hijacking.
Pahartali Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Sudip Kumar Das said a hijacker named Fazr Ali (19) was caught in the handcuffs after being robbed in the area at the signal colony Jami Mosque of Pahartali Police Station. At that time, police recovered one LG from a cartridge. Fajr Ali was arrested on Tuesday night. Fazr Ali Akbar Shah is a resident of New Shaheed Lane. OC said that Fajr Ali was hijacking people in the face of arms in the night. A team of Pahartali police station arrested him and handed him over to the police. A case has been filed against Fazr Ali.


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