Technocrat ministers resign at Sheikh Hasina’s directive Hours of voting will ring



The official bell of the vote is still waiting In the midst of it there was a loud noise across the country. Under the national unity front, preparations for all teams are much ahead. Tomorrow, on Nov 8, the issue of voting is about to be issued. Yesterday, the Chief Election Commissioner KM Nurul Huda stressed again. Many people think that only after the voting schedule is decided, the government and the opponents are going forward. The ruling and its allies are united in the vote at the scheduled time. Opponents decide for more time and different claims. But in the last one week, at least one hundred leaders of five political alliances have held consultations with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina about the eleventh elections in a fair environment. Dr. the leaders of all other allies, led by Kamal Hossain, will vote in a fair and neutral environment under the government of Sheikh Hasina, but BNP leaders fear the vote rigging. As a result, they want to break the parliament, vote for the management of a neutral government outside Sheikh Hasina. However, BNP sources close to the source: They will not have any objection to accepting Sheikh Hasina if her leader Khaleda Zia is released on bail and given the opportunity to fight in the polls and two BNP / four people in Sheikh Hasina’s cabinet were made ministers in the technocrat quota. The leaders of the national unrestricted leaders will go to meet the Prime Minister on Wednesday for the last round of talks with the untimely miscreants. However, before the cabinet meeting on Tuesday, Sheikh Hasina has said that the four ministers in the cabinet are in the cabinet, who resign before the announcement of the voting schedule. Because the verdict of the Supreme Court’s decision to cancel the caretaker government system is clear, non-elected members of the government cannot be in charge during the elections. After the announcement of the voting schedule, the ministers have not ordered government facilities to take advantage of the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has ordered According to the law, everyone will follow the electoral code of conduct. There is no official government facility with the use of government cars. Publicity will not be taken during the election campaign. The Prime Minister assured the members of the cabinet that after the announcement of the schedule, the current cabinet work schedule will be reduced further. According to the government policy sources, it is learned that after the announcement of the schedule, another cabinet minister can join. At least two of them will be Jatiya Party. Meanwhile, at the cabinet meeting in the afternoon, after the directive of the Prime Minister last evening, the unelected four members of the cabinet have submitted resignation letters to the Prime Minister. They are – Religion Minister Principal Matiur Rahman, Expatriate Welfare and Employment Minister Nurul Islam BSC, Postal, Telecommunication and Information Technology Minister Mustafa Jabbar and Science and Technology Affairs Minister Yafesh Osman. Cabinet Division secretary Mohammad Shafiul Alam told reporters that the resignation letter from the cabinet division will now be delivered to the Prime Minister.
Meanwhile, on Wednesday, after the last round of talks with national unity leaders at Ganobhaban, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will present a summary of the last few days to present the nation through a press conference on Thursday. He will not mention whether the Prime Minister has given any discounts on various demands or not. Earlier on Wednesday afternoon, the ruling Awami League leaders will meet with the Election Commission (EC) to give their views on the EC. The matter has been confirmed by EC Secretary Helaluddin Ahmed.


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