Soon steps will be taken: Mayor Now the number of hawkers is increasing day by day after the footpath is over by the hawkers


Chittagong reporter:
The number of hawkers growing in the city day by day. Hawkers are doing business freely by grabbing the footpath in the city. In addition to the footpath, many of the city’s most occupied roads are operating in an unhealthy permanent-temporary shop. In fact, the footpaths and roads of the whole city are now occupying the Hawkers. As the traffic congestion is intensified, urban citizens are being victimized every day. Because of the occupation of these hawkers, unbearable traffic jams were reduced to untimely sufferings in civil life every day.
Although the hawkers in the city occupy the sidewalk and roads, the administration does not take any action to evict those hawkers, said business people and public. As a result, increasingly increasing occupancy there are allegations that governmental local influential people are giving opportunity to sit and earn millions of taka every year from these hawkers. Backward there is no police administration. There are allegations that some WC councilors of City Corporation are involved in the backyard.
In the city, New Market, Station Road, Agrabad, GEC, Junk, Chawkbazar, Gate 2, Bahaddarhat, Muradpur, Andarkilla, New Bridge, Laldighar Para, Thanpul Head, Bandar, Patenga, EPZ, Oxygen, Dewanhat, Hawkers But the biggest pavement is in New Market, Amal and Station Road areas of the city.
According to the information of the hockey federation, 9 thousand and 8 99 people registered for the CCC were registered in the city corporation. But the number of hawkers in the city is 20 thousand, said the federation However according to the information, the number of Hawkers and Floating Dispensaries, including City Professional, OPD. If every one of these hawkers taka one hundred rupees per day, extortion is going on at least a few hundred million daily. Businessmen said that for the hawkers to set the place for sitting, light arrangements, disposal of any kind of problem, cleaning of dirt rubbish, various accidents were collected from each hawker daily from 50 to 500 taka.
Meanwhile, after the city corporation and the district administration erased these illegal shops at various places in the city again, hawkers continued their business by installing shops in the streets and footpaths. Sometimes they leave the place before they get the news of evacuation. After the eviction, the shops were gradually re-established with the help of influential and police administration in these places.
In the field of tourism, there are permanent and temporary shops in most places although many shops were evicted but preparing to re-sit. They took the side of the road by putting a large umbrella and small tables as a new technique. However, as per the length of these umbrellas, the payers have to pay the money as hakar said. City Corporation mayor AZM Nasir Uddin told the court that the long-term plan for the business of hawkers in the regulation is being planned, due to the administration’s lack of administration. Still, strict action will be taken against those who disobey the rules. But in this case, the city corporation as well as the people to come forward, he said. He said the people will have to come forward to do all these work. It is not the sole responsibility of City Corporation. People should also have public opinion to keep their city beautiful. But the matter of fund raising is baseless, the mayor said, it is an excuse for hawkers. If anything, they show the political party. No political person is involved in such work. But if anyone is involved then action will be taken against him. Asked about the registration of hawkers, he said that they have been told repeatedly to give necessary documents. No one has ever given it. I cannot give a registration card to anyone without scrutiny.


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