Nasir-Salam meeting City Corporation and CDA Coordinate development work



Chittagong reporter:

Chittagong City Corporation Mayor Alhaj AZ M Nasir Uddin, Chairman of Chittagong Development Authority Abdus Salam came to meet at the mayor’s office on Tuesday noon. During the meeting, the mayor welcomed the CDA chairman. Later, two leaders of the two organizations discussed the progress of ongoing development programs. In their talks, the recent political situation, governmental dialogue with different political alliances and parties, came up with a talk about bus terminals in the city’s Kulgaon area. If the mayor stressed the coordination of the ongoing development activities of the two organizations in Chittagong City, the CDA chairman agreed. The CDA chairman welcomed the initiative of constructing KSC to KCL and said that traffic congestion is one of the many problems in the city. The traffic congestion caused by the entry of the bus trucks in the northern city of Chittagong city has become very strong. So, if the terminal is built in Kollgaon, the traffic congestion of the city will be greatly reduced. They also discussed the mega projects of the two organizations including Elite Expressway. The issue of public welfare was emphasized especially due to the development of Chittagong WASA, CDA and City Corporation . In this, two engineers and officials of the two organizations, with responsibility to develop developmental responsibilities in the temporary public welfare, have urged the two development workers of the city development there is no hope that the two leaders will not have any negative impact on upcoming eleven national elections for development work. They say the temporary sufferings bring long-term benefits. That is why the citizens advised to be a little patient and tolerant.


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