Dialogue with the Prime Minister is the Islamic and Left Alliance the Islamic alliance will participate in the elections under this government



Staff reporter:

In a dialogue with several Islamic groups, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that my father, Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, dedicated his life for this country Made the country free. I have been serving this country for a long time. The country which was once ridiculed as a basketless basket, the country is now wondering about the wonders of the world. To achieve the target of GDP growth, conversion from low income to lower middle income countries, Bangabandhu satellite-1 launchers, implementation of Megha project like Padma bridge at the cost of 30 thousand crore, and many unique surprises achieved throughout the country including developing countries from the LDCs. Do it. I want a selection through participation of all groups. In future he also sought cooperation and blessings of all to form government. The Prime Minister’s Dialogue was held at 2pm at Gonobhaban with several Islamic groups, including the Prime Minister of the Islamic Front.
In an interview to BBC Bangla before the dialogue, Abdul Latif Nejami, chairman of the Islami Oikya Jote, said that the Islamic alliances decided to participate in the elections under this government and are preparing for the elections.
Abdul Latif Nejami said, “The process of selection of elections in the country, including many countries including Bangladesh, under the ruling government or parliament is followed. In my country, I think that the method should follow. ‘
However, when asked about this dialogue, Abdul Latif Nejami said that the dialogue to find a solution to the government’s conflict with opposition allies against the demands of interim government during the election, the dialogue. It is advisable to resolve this issue politically through legal and constitutional analysis to resolve the claim or dispute of the election-time government. He said a permanent law should be made in this regard so that there is no dispute in the future during the election.
Islamic Front Bangladesh chairman Pir Tirekat Allama, Syed Bahadur Shah Mozadadei said that Islamic Front Bangladesh has been fighting the movement against the anti-liberation forces, terrorism, and militancy with Bangladesh Awami League since 2004 and in one and the same program. During the four-party coalition government, several senior leaders of the Awami League were injured in the party’s coalition government. In 2008, the leaders of this organization played an active role in bringing Awami League to power as a partner party of the Awami League-led Grand Alliance.
Five proposals were presented by the Islamic Front Bangladesh in dialogue. Among others, Awami League leaders including General Secretary Obaidul Quader were present. Among the leaders of the Islamic Front were Chairman Peer Tariqat Allama Shaheed Bahadur Shah Mozaddee, Secretary General Principal Allama Muhammad Zainul Abedin Jubair, Joint Secretary General Pire Tirekat Allama Khwaja Arifur Rahman Tehri, Joint Secretary General Pire Tirekat Allama Mosharraf Hossain Helali and Organizing Secretary (Chittagong) Alhaj HM Mujibul Haq Shukur. Besides, leaders of the Tehrik-e-Taliban organization including the Islamic Oikya Jote were present. In the dialogue, the leaders of Islami Front Bangladesh and the Trinikarian organizations gave Kalimara-inspired calender gifts to the Honorable Prime Minister.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina sat in dialogue with CPB-BSD-led Left Front at Ganobhaban evening at 7pm.
The leaders of the 14-party alliance led by Awami League President Sheikh Hasina took part in the dialogue. On the other hand, 16 leaders of the Left Front led by CPB-BSD were present.
The Prime Minister said that aiming to kill Bangabandhu only three and a half years of independence and the condition of bringing Bangladesh back to the spirit of liberation war was the goal. The biggest improvement was the socio-economic condition of the country.
He said, one eleven government had offered me no election. They offer a status of exchange. But then I said that the election will be there. The people whom they want will come to power.
When we came to power, we were able to bring back the spirit of liberation war and make it difficult to judge war criminals because of the people’s support; the government has been able to execute war crimes as well as the verdict. Because of this, the development of Bangladesh is being developed. For this reason, Bangladesh’s growth rate is 7.8.
The 16 leaders who took part in the Left alliance are: CPB President Mujahidul Islam Selim, general secretary Md. Shah Alam, General Secretary of BASK Khalekuzzaman, Central Committee member Bazlur Rashid Firoz, Revolutionary Workers’ Party General Secretary Saiful Haque, Politburo member Akbar Khan, Busar (Marxist) Central Managing Committee Member Suhrrangshu Chakraborty and Alamgir Hossain Dulal, Chief Coordinator of Ganasonghati Movement Jonade Sakki, Political Council member Firoz Ahmed, United Communist League General Nannu secretary Mosharraf Hossain, Abdus Sattar, General Secretary of the Democratic Revolutionary Party Moshrefa Mishu, a member of the Central Committee of the Mominur Rahman, a member of the Central Committee of the Communist movement and Ranjit Kumar, convener Hamidul Haq.



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