Water crisis in Rampur ward no 25 Over the last 10 years more than 18 families of this pool are collecting water for daily work



Chittagong reporter:
Small water call. Row around the call is empty pots and around 10-12 men and women surrounded them. They are waiting for water minimum an hours. It is known that they have long been standing in the line from the only call of the area to collect water. Water is available when the electricity goes out in line. Because there is no fixed time, there is always the line of empty pots around the call.
It is a picture of the house of Munaf Member of Rampur Ward 25 of the city. Over the last 10 years, more than 18 families of this pool are collecting water for daily work. Most of the buildings in the adjoining area are always running because the electricity goes out of the area when the water comes to the line, the residents said.
Sardar Nur Ahmed of the area told Purbkon, ‘Many of the inhabitants of this neighborhood have their own home. Many people will be in the rental house. There is no water line for the last 10-15 years. Officially there is a water line So all the time there is a jatla in the place. Sometimes it takes quarrels and quarrels to collect water.
But not only this member house, there are many areas in Rampura ward that have severe water crisis. Yesterday the conversation was discussed with a number of residents of this area. Residents said that the water crisis of East Rampur is the highest in the area of ​​the ice mill, Kerni Road, and the Shan Mazar area. WASA water does not come in these areas, says a resident of the area.
In Dhopapara area of ​​central Rampur, there is a severe water crisis. WASA water comes once a week, in this area. Abu Zafar, a resident of Dhopapara, told Purbkon, ‘There is no water for the past four days. In the meantime, one day WASA van was working to buy water. In addition, some areas of Sabujbagh in West Rampur have also been known to have occasional water crisis.
Regarding the water crisis in the area, RMP councilor SM Ershad Ullah said that 60 percent of the people in the ward population of more than 20,000 thousand people are suffering from water crisis. Because of this, he said, “The water crisis in Rampur area is nothing new. For a long time the area was wailing for water. After the JICA’s Mohora project, this problem has been reduced for the past three or four years after the wailing of this little bit. WASA has been saying for a long time, this crisis will be overcome if the Mohora project is fully operational. Besides, the water of the Madunaghat project will also be provided in this area.
Ershad Ullah said, “City Corporation has been informed in a coordination meeting with WASA many times. Personally, I regularly contact with many WASA officials’.
Asked to know about this, Chittagong WASA Assistant Engineer Iftekharul Mamun told the daily Muslim times, “In recent times, some areas of this area have to stop drinking water supply for some important projects. Once the supply is stopped, the water pressure at the end of the work takes two to three days to increase. So many residents are not getting water on the inside. We have given a deadline for the completion of some pipeline work in the Maduna Ghat project. We can finish these tasks at certain times. Hopefully these problems will come down in two weeks’.


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