Robber Hannan arrested in Sitakundu with arms


Chittagong reporter:

The robber has been arrested in four cases of firearms with firearms in Sitakunda. On Monday, he was sent to the court.

Robber Hannan son of Noor Mia , village of North Ghoramara Sonichari union.
According to Thana sources, on Sunday, around 3:00 pm, Sitakunda police station, situated near Kumira Girls School and College in Dhaka-Chittagong highway, was lying on the wrong side for robbery. OC said at the time under the leadership of Delwar Hossain Nasir held an operation there and arrested him. A local pipeline and two cartridges were recovered from him. On Monday, a case was sent to the court after it was filed with the police.

Sitakundu thana police officer in charge Delwar Hossain the said, arrested Hannan a identified bandit. He has four cases before robbery, extortion, drug law.


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