Plastic cup or bottle can be found on the bus ticket!



Indonesia’s second largest city, Surabaya, has taken an exceptional initiative such as protecting the environment. A bus ticket is available in the city if you have a plastic cup or a bottle. If the cup or bottle size is larger, then you can get the same standard ticket. The tickets can be used for two hours on the bus. From Reuters, it is known from the fact that after China, most of the tourists from Indonesia go to the sea. This initiative has been taken from April last year to remove this bad name. The city of Surabaya wants to free the plastic from the city by 2020. The city produces 400 tons of plastic waste daily, which is 15 percent of total waste. A bus can collect 250 kg of plastic bottles on a bus day. As a result, one bus collects seven and a half tons of bottles per month. After collecting the bottles, their sips and labels were dropped. Later, they were sold to recycling companies. The bus is managed by the earned money.


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