Jatiya Party leaders took part in the dialogue with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, happy for the dialogue


The Prime Minister, who is happy for the dialogue, wants a meaningful election for the development of the country.
Hussain Muhammad Ershad’s Jatiya Party leaders took part in the dialogue with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina the party leaders told Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to participate in the elections according to the constitution. Even with the grand alliance, he also said to be elected. On the other hand, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that she wants a meaningful election to continue the continuation of the country’s development. The Prime Minister expressed the hope that all the parties will participate in the elections.
The Prime Minister’s Dialogue was held in the Ganabhaban on Monday with opposition party National Party (Japa). JAPA chairman Hussein Muhammad Ershad, the Leader of the Opposition Leader Raushan, 33-member delegation of the United States-led alliance, entered Ganobhaban at 7pm to participate in the dialogue. In the dialogue, senior leaders of 14 senior party leaders including Awami League leader Sheikh Hasina, General Secretary Obaidul Quader, were present.
In the introductory speech, the Prime Minister said, in front of the election, we have exchanged views with all parties. We want, the continuation of development will continue through a meaningful election Because Bangladesh is going forward today. The Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman has liberated this country. From the war-torn country, he has left the country as a developed country on the path of progress. From the country where the country’s father left Bangladesh, we have been able to upgrade the country to developing countries.
Sheikh Hasina said that the election will be the right of the people to vote, they will apply it. We are the elected representatives, our work to serve the people of the country and improve the country – we are improving the country. The development trend continues, that is our goal and we have to keep it.
The Prime Minister thanked the opposition party for giving assistance to the government during the last five years. He said, the party was beside us on our way. We were with us. We have taken this country together. Thank you for the cooperation you have received.
Awami League-led ruling party-backed 14-party alliance has held a series of dialogue with the political parties regarding the next election. The dialogue began on Thursday with talks with the National Unity Forum comprising BNP, Gana Forum, Civic Unity and JSD.
The Prime Minister said the floral greetings to Ershad and Raushan. Thanking the Prime Minister for inviting dialogue and dinner, his special envoy Ershad thanked the Prime Minister. The representatives of Japan’s allies were invited to the Ganobhaban. At the end of the dialogue, opposition leaders of Japan told their satisfaction. Party Secretary General ABM Ruhul Amin said that there was a dialogue in the heart of the environment. They are happy
The unrestricted election took place under the neutral government, release of BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia, army deployment with judicial power, and not using EVMs, the seven-point demand was taken by the united front. BNP leaders expressed dissatisfaction without receiving assurances to meet the demand.
However, Japan’s position in the opposition’s main opposition seat is completely opposite. There was no strong demand in the dialogue. There is no objection in the elections under the present government. A few days ago, Ershad had objected to the use of EVMs. But in the dialogue, the EVM was in favor of Japan. The United Front, led by QM Badruddoza Chowdhury, on Saturday said ‘happy’ dialogue.
While leaving Ganabhaban, Awami League general secretary and road transport and electricity minister Obaidul Quader told reporters that the 14 parties and Jatiya Party will jointly elect. Coalition will be formed in the government. Discussions have been discussed with them in the dialogue.
Obaidul Quader said, “The next election law and constitution will be agreed. Like the 14-party alliance, the Jatiya Party and their combined national unity agreed.
However, he said no discussion was made by Awami League with 14 parties and national parties regarding the distribution of seats in the dialogue.
Obaidul Quader said, “A few Japanese people came to the dialogue. There was no talk with them about the distribution of seats. ‘
However, he said that a small committee will be formed in the constituency. Then it will be listed. According to this list, whether there is public support for the potential candidates? If there is public support then he may be nominated by party.
Asked whether the Jatiya Party will elect a separate election, Obaidul Quader said, “Polarization will be done in politics as it will be the equation of the alliance.”
He said, ‘Dialogue is good. Several special offers have been given. For example: meeting-rally, level playing field. We will do whatever can be done for the label playing field, following the Election Commission’s Code of Conduct. ‘
Jatiya Party Chairman Hussein Muhammad Ershad said his party leaders did not come to the talks at Ganobhaban. It came to meet Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, she successfully completed. In response to the queries of the press, the head of the National Party Ershad said that the seat was not finalized. What is the seat of 30 people can be said?
At the time, Japan’s Co-Chairman GM Quader said, “Apart from the sharing of seats with the prime minister, apart from sharing, political issues have been discussed.”
GM Quader told reporters, “Our opinion with Awami League may have been in the future as well. If all the parties come to the polls, we will elect the Grand Alliance as in the past. And if we do not contest all the parties, we will be in the 300 seats. ”
Awami League Advisory Council Member and Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed said that according to the constitution, the Jatiya Party is ready to hold elections. He said that talks with them in the dialogue were according to the constitution. They come 300


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