Fatichchhari North Rangamatia School: The education of fourteen children is in a dilapidated building



Chittagong reporter:
When looking at the school, at first glance, towards the waiting pillars. The pillar plastics have started to decline from long ago. Now the only fall is the rest. Within the pillars, the rust has filled itself on some of the iron. The roof of the verandah, the roof of the classrooms and the side walls of the side wall of the iron is seen. Pelestars sometimes fall into the class. Looks like I think this is collapsing. But within this morning, from 9.30am to 4:15 pm daily reading program of 400 students of class I-5 class,
These are 1 kilometer distance from the Fatikchhari Upazila Parishad in the view of the North Rangamatiya Government Primary School in Ward No. 1 of the municipality. The school was established in 1994 as a Community Primary School. In 2010, the then Upazila administration officials visited the school and suggested to keep a room closed due to being very risky. Later, the school management committee informed the matter to the Upazila Education Officer in the written matter, but it was not possible to get the work done in the proceedings of the administrative meeting. Just stay restricted on paper. The reform did not happen.
In this regard, Upazila Executive Officer Dipak Kumar Roy (newly transferred) said, I do not know if there are such schools in Upazila Sadar. When Rafiqul Alam, chairman of the new committee, said last month, I immediately asked the engineer Shah Alam and Education Officer Azimel Quader to take immediate action. On the other hand, Upazila Engineer and Education Officer Shah Alam visited the school on 10 October and took photographs. When asked, he said that the senior authority has been informed about the new building quickly. Hope this issue will be solved within 2/1 months. School management committee president municipality councilor Rafiqul Alam said that there was no such school in Fatikchhari. If you do not take a quick step to build new buildings in the school, there can be serious accidents at any time.


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