‘Cash’ service in the post office



The service of ‘cash’ can be found in all post offices of Bangladesh. The postal will have in this work 40 thousand skilled manpower. Apart from this, the service will also be available in different places including Hat and Bazar. The ‘cash’ service will be officially launched at the beginning of next year. Like other mobile banking services including bKash, Rocket, UCash, another mobile banking service will be ‘cash’. This service will be conducted under the supervision of Bangladesh Postal Department. Postal Service has started to include around 10 thousand Post Offices (post offices) across the country to reach the crowd of people. Postal Department Director General Subashash Kumar Mondal said that initially district level post offices and later the union and village level branches will be brought under this program.
He said the activities of ‘cash’ are being started to provide easy financial services to marginalized people of the village.
The country’s wide-ranging infrastructure 40 thousand skilled manpower of postal and will play a role in this work.  “In every post office of the country, the services of ‘cash’ will be available. Due to this, the work of establishing branding and technology is going on separately. There has been a new activity in the post office officials and employees. They are all happy Our huge staffers are ready to start the cash and get ready for all.
We see this as a positive step for our remote employees to play a direct role in the formation of Digital Bangladesh. It is a big achievement for the modernization of the DOC. In addition, this step will also play a role in the overall financial inclusion of the country. The Bangladesh Postal Department has been providing services to the doorsteps of people as the main medium of payment for decades. In postal period, the continuation of working with new technology in the evolution of the time was introduced in 2010, postal cash card and electronic money transfer system. In the last few years, there is notable progress in this regard, but new initiatives are being started for several months in the postal department.
The district head of Corporate Affairs, said that the list of names from the district level is being generated. Solaiman said, “We have already received a response from the district post offices. This interest in new technologies has proven us much more. ”
A list of 2000 people from all over the country has already been prepared to participate in the workshop on digital financial services and anti-money laundering. ”
He said that the government and private joint venture will make special contribution to build Digital Bangladesh among the post offices of the country. Solaiman said, apart from the post office, ‘cash’ services will be available in various places including Hat-Bazar. This service will be provided through the appointment of agents. He said that the services of ‘cash’ will be officially launched at the beginning of next year.
Director General Subashash Kumar Mandal said that due to the innovation of the new technology, changing the communication style of the people has been criticized for many years due to the discussion on the usefulness of postal department.
“A desire to take the digital Bangladesh vision forward in coordination with the broad infrastructure of postal services across the country was being felt for many years. Cash is a discussion and a result of experience. ”
Cash is being operated with the financial and public sector employees of the financial sector. Cash is available with the number of transaction limits and balances, in addition to existing mobile banking services, including cash, rockets, eCash, and digital cash transfer services of Bangladesh Postal Department. a customer deposits two and a half lakh in 10 times a day and to withdraw the amount of money to develop a rocket UCash or twice a day with a maximum of 10 thousand subscribers and 15 thousand deposits you can withdraw the money.
The service for the new service has already started.


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