Woman SME expo inaugurated at the Polo ground field Women should come forward in Politics: Gowher Rizvi 2


Chittagong reporter:
Prime Minister’s International Relations Advisor Dr Awami League can never come to power without women’s vote. Gowher Rizvi said that the Awami League got more votes than women. That is why the prime minister loves women.
He said this while inaugurating the 12th International Woman SME Expo-2014 on the Polo ground field in the city yesterday (Sunday). He said you have great potential. He used to come forward even further. You’re doing business. But women will have to come forward in politics. 51 percent of Bangladesh’s population is female But in the parliament only 50 seats. Not only 50, their seats will be 1 to 50. It’s not just about words. You have 51 percent of the votes. The example of how women will come to Politics is our MP (parliament member Sabiha Nahar Begum). He knows how to move women forward.
Election time has come. Referring to your political party, he said, you will go ahead with your vote. You can claim the claim by voting. The day you will claim this, all the closed windows will be opened together. There is no doubt in between. I believe it from the heart. When you go to the Parliament, you can keep the country under control. No matter how many binders come in It is possible to break down all the obstacles Women are kept confined with glass ceilings in the world. Go over them referring to Gowher Rizvi, Gowher Rizvi said, business and politics of breaking the glass ceiling. So women will have to go fast on both these lines. Our country’s women are the first in South Asia. It’s really a matter of pride. But we do not want to stop here. We have to go a long way in many ways. Even after having more than half the women in the country, only 10 percent of women entrepreneurs it’s good but it’s not enough. It must reach the same level.
Thanking the authorities for organizing the fair, he said, I was out of the country for 36 years. When I returned to Dhaka in 2009, I lost myself. I was introduced to Monorara in a losing ceremony. After getting acquainted with him, he informed me about these things. I was in Delhi for nearly 5 years in 2001. Then, the award that I received is kept to the chest. Although many other places get the award, this award is special for me.
Woman Chamber President Presided over by Monowara Hakim Ali, special guest was present on the occasion. Sabihah Nahar Begum MP, Member of Parliamentary Committee on Civil Aviation and Tourism Ministry, Mahbubul Alam, President of Chamber of Commerce, United Arab Emirates ambassador to Bangladesh, Saad Mohammad al-Muhairi, Vice-Chancellor of Asian University for Women, Professor Nirmala Rao and Lion Kamrun Malek Vice President of the Chamber, Convener of the fair committee chairperson Dr. Munal Mahbub
Sabihah Nahar Begum MP said, “We are women, we can, we do.” And it proved that the Woman Chamber. Under the leadership of all the representatives of the Women Chamber, we will fulfill the dream of the Prime Minister and will lead the country forward.
Mahbubul Alam said that society would not like women to do business. Women are advancing today due to the empowerment of the Prime Minister. The women will advance forward to the country. And you cannot stay in the house. In the next 10 years, the bright time of the country. So women should come forward as well as men. It is not possible to continue the country if the government does not cooperate. Chittagong is the place for business. Therefore, the economic zones of this region have to be used.
The program was inaugurated by the Chief Guest and inaugurated the 12-hour bells and demolition of the soil bank. Gowher Rizvi Earlier, successful women entrepreneur Fatema Begum, Nasrin Sarwar Meghla and Mushtaree Morshed Memorial, Noor Nahar Begum and Sajeda Begum were honored.
Later, the International Award winning Dr. Monwara Hakim Ali, Kamrun Malek, Abida Sultana, Ayesha Akter Daliya, Dr. Munal Mahbub, Manatsa Ahmed, Syeda Jinnat Ara Nipun, Sultana Nurjahan Rozi, Jasmin Akhtar, Sabrina Ekram Siraj, Sharmin Hossain, Gulshan Ali, Nafiza Sharmin, Ruhie Mustafa, Ayesha Farhad Chowdhury, Rebecca Nasrin, Rozina Akhter Lipi .
Muma and Vam artists showcase the umbrella, fan, flower wreaths in the span of the whole event to impress the visitors.
This fair is attended by three and a half stall and ten pavilions. In addition to Bangladesh, entrepreneurs from Iran, India, China, Indonesia, Thailand and Pakistan are participating in the fair. The fair will run from 10 to 10 in the morning. Entry price for fairs has been kept at Tk 15


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