The case against five protestors after the compromise ASEAN’s husband, lawyer’s ex-wife seeks refuge in the west


International Desk:

In the western world, Ashraf Hassan, husband of Ashish Masih, was found to be acquitted in a court in Dhaka for complaining of contempt of religion. He wants to take refuge in the United Kingdom or Canada. Ashik Masih also said that there was a great danger in Pakistan.
On the other hand, Asia Bibi’s lawyer Saif Mulk has left the country on Saturday for defying his life. Already, several countries have offered shelter to Asia Bibi. In a video message, her husband said that she is afraid of protecting her family. He said, “I request the UK Prime Minister to help us and give our freedom as far as possible.” She also asked Canada and US leaders to help. Ashik Masih told the German media, Deutsche Welle, that the present situation is very dangerous for us. We have no security. There’s going to be hiding here having to change frequently He said my wife Aasia Bibi has already suffered huge suffering. He spent 10 years in prison. The president of the British Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, Tom Tongenhat, said that he asked the Interior Ministry to make an emergency assessment of the situation. Meanwhile, the emigration lawyer Saif Mulk said that he has left Pakistan to continue the representation of Asia Bibi. For security reasons, Saif Mulk believes that it is necessary to move Aisia Bibi to a western country. Criticizing the government, he said, “Even a Supreme Court order cannot be executed.” Meanwhile, a day after the government’s compromise with Tehrik-i-Labbaek (TLP) protesters, police filed a lawsuit against five thousand people. The charges against the government are vandalized against them. A case has also been filed against TLP leaders.


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