That’s more frustrating than the 43 43 ‘still worn out to Bangladesh?



Sports reporter:

A few days ago, Coach Steve Rhodes said, “There were 11 ricky Ponting, but maybe we would have done something on that day.” The conditions are the shield of failure But this time? More than one hundred more than 143 numbers in Sylhet, compared to 43 in Antigua in July. But disappointment is also a hundred times in this innings. This measure of disappointment is mixed with coaches. Everything was in Antigua. The sky was cloudy Bangladesh won the toss on the first morning of the match. Movement and bounce to the greenery was on the wicket. Bangladesh’s experience in such a wicket-condition was limited, capability is always questioned. The pace of attack of the Caribbean bowlers in Bangladesh was the venom of poisoning. Going back to 43 runs is not acceptable under any circumstances. But the reason is understandable. Now it is difficult to get any reason! Sylhet wicket does not have enough life. At the end of the first day, Abu Zayed Chowdhury, who came as a representative of the party, said at the end of the second day, Taeyajul Islam candidly said, ‘wicket flat’. There is no motion, no movement; Turn does not match occasionally, a couple of balls are not too high or low, and no danger. Zimbabwe have no bowlers to bring life to death The key strength of Kyle Jarvis is that the SIM Movement is ineffective here, Tendai Chattara does not have that speed or skill. Those batsmen who attack the spin, the better spinners of the Dhaka cricket league in cricket, these batsmen are playing the game. In all, Test cricket is not even easier to test. The survival of Antigay was a big test. It’s hard to get out if someone does not want to be out here. But almost all the batsmen of Bangladesh, like a pistachios, made a sudden jump in the fire. Batting Bangladesh on Sunday was a standard documentary about how bad the Test batting could be or how not to bat. Someone was waiting in the dressing room with an irresponsible batting prize; It was the persecution of everyone! But for many, the opportunity was invaluable. Tamim will return to Iqbal who will be his partner? Imrul Kayes and Liton Das full failure in the first test after the lunch, Imrul played a shot very hard after the first ball. Survived for a little while that is not to be done in a ‘successful’ to pull the outside ball into the stumps. Liton Das played the drive away from the body. For the returning match, Nazmul Hossain Shant could not get a better stage than this match. But in neurological pressure or loss of attention, suddenly it is unfortunate He also invited Danger to drive away from the body like Liton. Moments of spin, especially off-spin, do not seem to be tight enough, Mominul Haq batting. On this day he grasped the silly off spin of Sikandar king. Without pushing the ball, ‘Push’ bat, lightweight, it is necessary to pay the losses. The ball that came out of the off-stump was easy; Mahmudullah played the shot on his second delivery, because of his second term, ‘Nothing Shot’, which is called in cricket terms. Do not block the shot, nor shot. The batsman, who has repeatedly trusted the catastrophe, the Mushfiqur Rahim, after the tea break, poked the second one and said that the stump is a little extra leftovers outside. That’s hard to say, drops a lot, and that’s why he handed back the delivery to Shane Williams Mehedi Hasan Miraz If someone shoots someone on his own feet, they will take advantage of opponents. The batting of Bangladesh was a suicide arrangement. Only Abhishek Ariful Haq did not get bigger than Zimbabwe’s Lead. There are more scorecards than the 43 or 143 runs or before the failure sign. In the seven Test innings, Bangladesh could not get two hundred in the innings, in the six innings in the last half an innings. The excuse does not go on, but the reason for the search in the query is something to match. The conditions in the four innings in the West Indies, their limitations and the opposition’s bowling were a big test. Before that, the turning point in the Mirpur Test against Sri Lanka was a turning point. All out for 110 and 123 runs are not permissible, but for some reason it is not available. But the 143 runs of Sylhet all-out explanation in any reason, it is difficult to understand.



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