Remember the respected dear leader Akhtaruzzaman Babu was a. Symbol of unity of the League


Chittagong reporter:
Awami League and Organizations organized various programs on Sunday on the occasion of the sixth death anniversary of former president of Chittagong South District Awami League and former MP  Leader Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu. The programs that took place on this occasion included discussion meeting, grave prize, prayer and milad mahfil. Speakers at the discussion meeting said that the leader of the party Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu was the symbol of the unity of the party. He was a successful man in all spheres.
Saifuzzaman Chowdhury Javed: Your correspondent said, Dr. State Minister for Land Alhaj Saifuzzaman Chowdhury Jabed MP said that the unity front of Kamal Hossain’s unity front was not in line with the ideology. Various things about The united front came to the ground to stop Awami League. They are involved in conspiracy inside the mouth of dialogue. Bangabandhu’s daughter, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina received a letter from the united front and was present in the dialogue to present a fair and beautiful election. He said, there is no alternative of Awami League for the development of the country and the fate of the people. To maintain the continuation of the development under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, make the Awami League candidate win the ballot by voting in the next election. On Sunday afternoon, Awami League’s former presidium member and organizer of the Liberation War organized on the occasion of the death anniversary of Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu
He said this as the chief guest at the discussion meeting.
State Minister Javed said, my father Alhaj Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu was a great person. He loved man genuinely. He was a good politician. My father sacrificed his life for the whole life of his father. There is a lot to learn from his ideals. His generosity was socially and politically. Md. Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury, general secretary of the district unit of Awami League, said, He was loyal to Awami League by ignoring all the temptations. He taught us to sacrifice.
Speaking on the occasion, District General Secretary Mofizur Rahman, Vice-President Abul Kalam Chowdhury, Vice President Habibur Rahman Chairman, Vice-President Ed. AKM Sirajul Islam Chowdhury, former MP Cheon Ara Taib, law editor Ed. Mirza Kachir Uddin, organizing editor Ed. Zahir Uddin, organizing secretary Pradeep Das, labor secretary Khorshed Alam, office secretary Alhaj Abu Jafar, education secretary Borhan Uddin Emran, health secretary Dr. Timir Baron Chowdhury, Religious Editor Ed. Abdul Hannan Chowdhury Manju, Information and Research Secretary Abdul Quader Sujon, Publicity Secretary Nurul Abacher Chowdhury, Forest and Environment Secretary Ed. Mujibul Haque, Relief and Social Welfare Secretary Shahnewaz Haider Shaheen, Deputy Office Secretary Bijoy Kumar Barua, South District Awami League leader Bijan Chakrabarty, Mahbubul Alam Shibly, AK Azad, Shahida Akter Jahan, SM Saleh, Chandanaish Upazila Awami League President Jahidul Islam Jahangir, Awami League leader Ariful Islam, Syed Mejbah Uddin Pappu, Tarekul Islam, Chittagong South District Chhatra League President S. M Borhun Uddin said.
On the occasion of the death anniversary of the leader of Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu, south district Awami League leaders paid wreaths on their graves and paid homage to the grave.
North District Awami League: At the initiative of the Chittagong North District Awami League, the award was given to the grave of Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu at the village level. The organization’s general secretary and district council chairman MA Salam took part in the leadership of Professor Md. Moinuddin, Joint General Secretary Abul Kalam Azad, former joint general secretary. Gias Uddin, organizing secretary and municipal mayor Debashish Palit, executive member and central Juba League’s relief and social welfare secretary Alhaj Zafar Ahmed, executive member Mohammad Idris said.
South district Jubo League: Due to the activities of the South District Jubo League, day-long programs were celebrated. During the program, there was a prayer and milad mahfil at the shrine of Chittagong Shah Amanat Shah (R). The Doha Mahfil was organized by Khatib Hafiz Mohammad Anwar of the mosque. President of South District Jubo League, AM Tipu Sultan Chowdhury, General Secretary Professor Partha Sarathi Chowdhury, Vice President Shahidul Islam, Joint Secretary Solaiman Chowdhury, Organizing Secretary Professor Krishna Prasad Dhar, Finance Secretary Md. Selim Uddin, sports secretary Arup Sen, law secretary Bahadur, office secretary Raju Dasher, along with cultural secretary Belal Hossain Mithu, Shahidul Islam, along with law secretary Ed. Kamal Uddin, Chandanaish Upazila Juba League convenor Touhidul Alam, Karnaphuli Juba League president. Solaiman Talukder, Patiya Upazila Juba League General Secretary MA Rahim, Karnaphuli Juba League General Secretary Selim Haque, Satkania Jubo League Osman, Boalkhali Jubo League general secretary Osman Gani, Patiya municipality Juba League general secretary Rafiqul Islam, Banshkhali general secretary Jubo League. Maksud, Chandanaish Upazila Juba League joint convenor Muna Taslim, Upazila Juba League leaders Didarul Alam, Manjurul Alam, Abdur Rahman Junku, Didarul Alam, Md. Jasim, Md. Arif Moinuddin, Amal Rudra, Joynal Abedin, Abdur Rahim, Milton Dhar, Afsar Ahmad Manik, Md. Jalal Uddin, Gias Uddin, Fork Ahmad, Mofizur Rahman Munna, Abdullah Al Mamun, Abu Touhid, Abu Tayab, Fahim Mahbub, South District Chhatra League leader Anisul Islam Niloy, SM Mahinul Karim and others.
Southern District Volunteer League: Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury paid tribute to Babur grave at the South Zilla Swachsebak League leaders. The President was present at the time. Zubayer, General Secretary Chowdhury Mohammad Galib, Vice President Shahedur Rahman, Nurul Abacher Talukder, Touhidul Islam Rahmani, Mohammad Yusup, Abdul Malek Khan, S. K. Kaim Uddin, Ali Akbar, Ed. Abul Fayez Chowdhury, Imran Khan, Joint Secretary Jafar Iqbal Talukder, Advocate Roknuzzaman Munna, Organizing Secretary Kayes Sarwar Suman, Abu Sadat S. M. Sayem, Abdul Wazed Siddiqui, Shafiul Alam Litu, Zayed Bin Qasem, Office Secretary Ujjal Dhar, Publicity Secretary Mohiuddin Manju, publication secretary engineer Rashedul Abedin, youth and sports affairs secretary Arafatul Chowdhury, dramatic affairs secretary Piyush Datta, Deputy Office Secretary Sajjad Hossain Liton, Co-Health Affairs Secretary Toufiqul Islam Sayamun, Member Amjad Hossain, Prof. Prabir Mitra and others.
Program in Patiya: The correspondent of the Patiya said that on the occasion of his death by Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu Foundation in Patiya, a discussion meeting and a dua mahfil was held in the former sub-divisional Jami Mosque adjacent to Patiya bus station. After the prayers at the end of the meeting, Patiya municipality mayor Professor Harunur Rashid chaired the meeting and general secretary councilor Gofran Rana spoke among others, Awami League leader Fazlul Huq Alai, M Nasir Uddin Padma, MNA Nasir, Sajjad Suman, UCBL Bank Patiya branch manager Jahangir Kabir, Vice President of South District BCL Tarekur Rahman Tarek, District BCL leader Ahariyara Shahjahan, Taslim Raihan Ripon, Md. Kaiser, Shoaib Khan Munna, Arfatul Islam, Asif, Sohelel, Md. Waheed, Minhazul Haque, Raju, Abu Saeed Taasin, Abu Taher Adnan,

After the death of the Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babar Aston Maghara praying at the prayer moufilala Maulana Mohammad Shawkat In the morning, at the initiative of the Foundation, Anwara gave a wreath to the grave and offered grave at the grave.
Meanwhile, Patiya Jubo League organized the wreaths and winners on behalf of Jubo League in his grave at Anwara in the morning. General Secretary of Patiya Upazila Juba League General MA Rahim, Vice President Hasan Ullah Chowdhury, South District Jubo League organizing secretary Krishna Prasad Dhar, Patiya municipality Awami League leader Shahidul Alam Chowdhury, former general secretary of Upazila Sramik League. Tipu, Joint Secretary Jubo League’s Joint Secretary Master Repton Nath, Organizing Secretary Moinul Haque Rashed, Mohammad Didarul Alam, Publicity and Publication Secretary Enamul Haque Majumder, Relief Affairs Secretary Md. Abu Taher, Editor of the church, Randhir De, Wasim Ahmed, Abdul Karim, Ali Azam, Abdul Majed Titu, Saiful Islam, Tajul Islam, Amjad Hossain, Mohammad Ershad, Sheikh Monir, Md. Qutub, Ershad Hossain, Mohammad Bashar, Md. Shiblu, Mohammad Jabed Chowdhury, Mohammad Mansur, Md. Morshedul Haque Akbari also said.


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