There is no alternative to science pursuing with the advanced world -Physics Olympiad Dr. Shamsher Ali



Chittagong reporter:

Ninth Bangladesh Physics Olympiad held on Friday in the overall supervision of Presidency International School of Chittagong Region. About twelve hundred students of different schools and colleges of Chittagong, including Chittagong Division, participate in competitive exams. Later the main event venue Chittagong Medical College, with a colorful rally in which the participants and present guests were present. When Shah Alam appeared at Bir Uttam Auditorium, he was the chief guest and the founding vice-chancellor Prof. Dr. M. Shamsher Ali announced the inauguration of the ceremony and answered the question of the students’ science in the open question hour.
The chief guest said, the secret of the universe will be exposed by the hand of the generation of the generation. Science brings people from darkness to light. The next generation will be science generation. If the country continues with the developed world then there is no alternative to science. Educational institutions need to have a proper role in science education. Presidency International School, which is contributing to the creation of science education in Chittagong with the unique vow of education, will not only promote Chittagong but also enrich Bangladesh and generation from generation to generation science fiction. Among others, Assistant Police Commissioner Vijay Basak, School Vice President EM Intekab In the competition, AICC Group has secured first position; Chittagong Cantonment Public College; Aric Hassan Lohani and Yamin Kaiser; and B; During the function, the organizer committee’s advisor and the president of Presidency International School, Lt. Colonel (retd) Mohammad Ziauddin Ahmed Bir Uttam.




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