Sandalwood is being collected by 7/8 dredger machines every day Hundreds of families homeless in Banskhali teeipara



Chittagong bureau:
Sandalwood is being collected by 7/8 dredger machines every day from Sankhandi, Pankuria Teheniparai of Banskhali. It is going to disappear in the river valley and the area is inhabited.
In the matter, informed local MP Mustafizur Rahman Chowdhury, the sand was withdrawn for some time. Against the month, sand mining began under the leadership of Balu businessman Farid Ahmed. Due to the withdrawal of sand by dredger machines in Sankhnadi, last month, ten houses were damaged in Teesta River. Unplanned sand extraction has resulted in the loss of hundreds of family resources, homelessness. According to local sources, it is being traded in the last 3 months from the sensitivity of Tengipara union of Pukuria Union with the use of high-capacity dredger machines to extract sand from the sanctum sanctorum through the tugboats. The sand chains are being taken to Charnaish’s Baramah, Anwara, Berumchhra, Pukuria and Satkania. Of the 30 members of the syndicate members, Farid Ahmed, Amjad Ali, Bedar Ali, Abdul Khaleque, Almas and Joynal were one of the members of the sand extraction. Another group led by Faisal and Humayun is also running Balu business. During the tide every day, carrying 8-10 dredger machines, carrying the cargo tugboats, taking sand.
Gias Uddin, a resident of Pukuria area, said that some people earning 28-30 thousand taka from every trip tugboat through sand extraction from Sankhandi. Share of this money is distributed through the syndicate. Due to the 10/12 tugboat dumping of the sand, due to the extraction of sand, the river level is falling down. That is why general people are losing their homesteads. Talking to locals in the locality, the sand is being extracted in the tugboat by installing 3 dredger machines during tide at Tukheepara Kumarkhali Ghat area. The extracted sandals are being transported along the river to the Berma border. A local businessman at Teheeppara said on condition of anonymity that 16 houses were broken in the last one month. The sand extractors are activating the political power and sowing the sand in the machine.
Mohammad Hashim, a former UP member of Pokuria 6 ward, said people are losing house and property every day due to the withdrawal of sand in the Techiepara area. Abdul Kader, Kabir Ahmed, Abdul Mannan Mostafa Ali, Zafar Ahammed, Nurul Abacher, Nurul Amin, Nasir Uddin, Mohammad Ali, Mohammad Mozammel and other 4 families lost their homes in the last 15 days. A person named Abul Bashar said that if the sand extraction business is not closed from Sankhandi, then the entire Teepepara River will be lost. Farmer Abu Taher said that the relocation of the Shankhakdari was moved to the house 2/3 times. The erosion of the tide continues. In the last five years in Tehenipara and North Pukuria, more than 100 families fell victim to the disintegration and took shelter in the hills and lost their homesteads. Pukuria Union Parishad Chairman Ashaub Uddin said, the matter of withdrawal of sand in Sankhandadi was stopped in the administration. I do not know whether the sand is lifting. Banshkhali Police Officer in-Charge (OC) Kamal Hossain said, “I do not know the issue of extracting sand from Sankhandi in Pukuria Teichipara.” Legal action will be taken by arresting the sand lifting machine by sending police quickly.



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