Pakistan’s ‘Taliban Guru’ Samulal killed



International Desk:

80-year-old Muslim leader named ‘Father of the Taliban’, Samiul Haq, was killed in Pakistan. On Friday, he died in an attack by unidentified people in Rawalpindi town.
One of his relatives claimed that unidentified killers came and killed him at his Rawalpindi house.Samul Huq operated a madrassa in northwestern Pakistan.
He was regarded as the main male leader of the Taliban movement Because he was the teacher or teacher of the first row of the movement. He later served as a Senator in Pakistan from a party. Samul Haq operated Darul Ulum Haqqaniya madrassa near the Afghan border in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. One of his students was Taliban leader Mullah Omar.
Mullah Omar went to Afghanistan with his classmates in the eighties to fight the Soviet troops. Later this Mullah Omar established the Taliban. After the disappearance of the Soviet Union from Afghanistan, the Taliban occupied power in 1996 between civil war and extreme chaos. Despite relations with the Taliban movement, Samiul Huq used to run madrassas without any problem in Pakistan. He did not have any problems. Rather, he used to get money from Pakistan’s regional governments for this madrassa.


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