Bangladesh is the champion clean-up Under-15 football title in a thrilling tie-breaker


sports reporter:
Bangladesh won the clean-up Under-15 football title in a thrilling tie-breaker Tiebreaker to play the game due to a 1-1 draw in the scheduled time. In the footsteps of Bangladeshi goalkeeper Mehdi Hassan, 3-2 goals in the red-green group won. Bangladesh won the title in 2015 before the tournament However; the tournament was under-16 footballers. Now, the champions of the red-green country reclaimed the title of the red-green country. Bangladeshi teenagers started playing in the group stage of the Maldives 9-0. Then, after losing the hosts Nepal 2-0, the group champions went into semi-finals and the red-green team emerged. In the semi-finals, India lost the tiebreaker 4-2 in the finals and the red-green teenager reached the final. The game started at 3pm at Bangladesh’s Anfa Complex in Bangladesh yesterday. The two teams are unbeaten in the final match.Pakistan’s team’s strength is Very strong Bangladesh coach Mustafa Anwar Parvez also kept Pakistan in the match. But he also told that his disciples will play desperately to win the title. In the field game Bangladesh was not behind but in any case. They went on to score a goal in the 25th minute. The goal is to break Bangladesh. After the break, Mahb Ullah scored equal goals for Pakistan. Finally when the match is over, the tiebreaker to make the game keeping the tiebreaker in mind, goalkeeper Mehdi Hassan took the field in the 89th minute. In the semi-finals India’s two tiebreakers in the final against the team First goalkeeper Mithul Marma showed the red card against Nepal. However, on that day, Mehdi was a hero but Mithul returned to the XI after cutting the ban yesterday. Mehdi’s place on the side bench, leaving the place for Mithul, is in place. However, Bangladesh coach used Mehdi as a trump card in a tiebreaker test. Mehdi appeared like a real hero. In the tiebreaker, Rajon Howlader, the first shot of the day, scored a lot of posts on the team and the team is deprived. However, Pakistan’s goalkeeper Mehdi Hassan gave away Junaid Shah’s kick to Pakistan. After Bangladesh reached the goal, Mehdi stopped the second kicks from Pakistan’s Adnan. Bangladesh was ahead in two and a half by 2-1 both the teams scored their third and fourth kick goals. Bangladesh could have won the title of the title after getting the goal from the fifth kick. But when Rabiul Alam misses the penalty, the last play gets over. But the goalkeeper Mehdi stole the kicks taken by Mudassir of Pakistan, while the enthusiasm to be the champion of the red-green party on the soil.


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