Three bridges are going on for one year, where is the end of suffering 8no Shulkabhar ward


Chittagong reporter:

Thousands of people are suffering due to the three bridges under construction of Chittagong City Corporation. Harez Shah, Shahi Residential and Hajirpul cannot enter the area due to the work of these three bridges, the ambulance and fire service cannot enter the area. The work of the three bridge bridges between the residents’ demand of 8 and the 6th pre-ward ward has been going on for one year. It is increasing day by day.
Talking to more than one victim, they expressed their anger and said that fire services could not come if there was any fire in the area. To take a dying patient to hospital, two people have to be sworn in. There is no guarantee of this suffering will be relaxed. Such works should be done within the fastest time.
Local cultural organization ‘Surya Saathi’ president Khoreshad Alam told the daily Muslim times that around 20,000 people of Ghasia Para, Baripara, Phultala and around the neighborhood traveled through these three bridges. Everybody is in trouble. Bamboo bumps for temporary movement have become shaky after some time. Development is a pain in childbirth. But if it is prolonged, people are annoyed. City Corporation has to keep this in mind.
Shahidul Islam Linkin, a resident of the Jangishah al-Quraishi residential area, told Purbkon that the construction of the bridges at the three places of Harih Shah Mazar Gate, Shahi Residential Area and Hijarpur were underway. People from Bahadarhat, Baripara and Ghasia para area came to Baduttala with this bridge. Again there are some CNG taxi and rickshaw garage on this bank those who go there. He said that the bridge is being built to make the people’s transport system easier and better. That’s good for the people. But due to hanging the work for a long time, the common people are facing extreme suffering.
He also said that there is no lamp on the half-kilometer road from Harez Shah Mazar to Shahi Residential Area. That’s why the entire area is at risk because in the dark of the night, drug workers consider this road safe.
If you want to know the councilor ward councilor Morshed Alam told the daily Muslim times that the bridge has reached three boundaries of six and eight wards. People will suffer the worst due to the construction work, but the people of Shulkabhara Ward will enjoy the most benefits of the three starting this bridge. Because in the past the bridge was stuck in the bridge due to the low water level. It caused water logging. The bridges are now built on highways. The project has been taken to set up LED lights on the road from the gate of the Hare Shah Shah Mazar to Shahi Residential Area. The project is in progress.


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