Gagariya College Gate Area unreleased public toilets have been abandoned for a long time



Chittagong bureau:
The public toilet of the oldest college gate area of ​​the busy area of ​​the upazila has long been abandoned due to lack of reform.
It is found that the public toilet in the busiest Bagbaria old college gate area of ​​the upazila has remained unused due to lack of reform. There is no one to see Dirt-rubbish and grass-filled in front of the toilet. The common people of the area are spreading the stomach due to the urine and toilets surrounding the toilet. It has a passenger cabin and cooling corners. Citizens of Cox’s Bazar, Bandarban and Chittagong city and tourism townsmen came to this station and got out of the vehicle. Besides, people from different walks of life like Chandbaniya Government College, Government High School, Macubulia Senior Madrasah, Patiya Government College, Momtaz Begum Girls’ Education and students of Chandanaish Upazila, Hospital, and Police are on their way through this station. Understanding the matter, Chittagong District Council has set up these public toilets almost 10 years ago for the convenience of the people.
According to locals, the public toilets are unused due to not being reformed for 5 years. There are 1 deep tub well beside the toilet, but the local influential groups kept the tube well off the line from there. Because there are no public toilets around the busiest bus station, passengers from different places have to suffer extreme discomfort if they require sanitation. Especially for female passengers, there is extreme suffering. In this regard, the local awareness mahal public seeks the correctness of the public toilets.



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