Truckloader’s absence Rabiul, a 6-year-old boy, is struggling with death



Chittagong reporter:

A 6-year-old child dies in a truck driver’s absence The name of the seriously injured child Rabiul He is a resident of Tulatuli in Bakliyar Rajakhali son of Manusr’s .

Manusr’s said, On October 22, at around 4 pm on October 4, the child Rabiul played near the house. On one of Jesse Food’s trucks (Barisal-T-11-013), Rabiul was pressed into action when one of his legs went downstairs. He was admitted to Chittagong Medical College Hospital. Rabul’s condition is now worrisome in the medical ward of Medical ward number 26 of 31. The doctor said that one of his legs would be cut off. Police said that the police station is not taking any allegations, Rabul’s father said.


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