There is no alternative to preventing stroke awareness at any age, stroke may be necessary awareness



Chittagong reporter:
There is no alternative to preventing stroke awareness. Stroke disease is better than treatment. The doctors also said that the risk of stroke is low. On Monday morning, on the occasion of Twenty-Stroke Day, doctors told a meeting organized at Chittagong Medical College (Chamek) conference room.
With the help of the Chemek Teachers Association, ‘The Stroke Cannot Stop Us’ slogan organized the ceremony jointly with the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery Presenting an article about Stroke Disease at the meeting, Associate Professor and Departmental Head of the Department of Neurology. Md. Hasanuzzaman and Neuro Surgery department professor and divisional chief said. SM Noman Khaled Chowdhury. Dr. Hassanuzzaman said that the most advanced treatment methods of stroke, five percent of the world’s best-known patients in IV-thrombolysis and thrombocytm can get this benefit. It is possible to treat most stroke patients by applying the correct and proper treatment of existing treatment. The process of rehabilitation of stroke patients should be modernized in a scientific way. 40 percent of stroke patients are good and 40 percent of them are paralyzed. And the remaining 20 percent of stroke patients died. However, prevention is possible to save more time from this disease. If there are stroke symptoms, then you will have to take treatment in the nearest medical center.
Professor Dr. Das said that hemorrhagic stroke and stroke preventive stroke, along with the following surgery. Noman Khaled Chowdhury. He said prevention of smoking, blood pressure control, diabetes control, proper treatment of cardiovascular disease, blood cholesterol control, regular physical exercise, adequate vegetables, fruits and water, preventing stroke can be prevented. It is not a heart disease, but it is the brain’s disease. There may be stroke at any age. Occasionally it may take time for stroke to be better.
Principal of Chittagong Medical College (Chamke) Prof Dr. Selim Md. Presided over by Jahangir, the Speaker of the Chamber Hospital Brigadier General Mohsen Uddin Ahmed also spoke on the occasion. LA Kadri, President of Bangladesh Medical Association (BMA), Professor Dr. Minister Khan, General Secretary Dr. Faisal Iqbal Chowdhury.
Dr. LA Kadri said, the medical system has changed a lot now. It is possible to diagnose rapid disease due to modernization of the medical system. As a result, patients are also getting their preference service. There is no alternative to preventing stroke awareness.
Director Mohsen Uddin Ahmed said, after a heart attack, a patient comes back to normal after treatment, but it does not happen in the stroke case. From time immemorial I saw that there was no stroke on anyone around the house. All ages must be aware of this disease.
BMA President Prof Dr. Mujibul Haq Khan said that neurology wards should be expanded further. This is the reality because the patient’s pressure will increase if the patient’s pressure increases. For this, increase hospital capacity and make new buildings. BMA is always cooperating with this and will cooperate in the future.
General Secretary Dr. Faisal Iqbal Chowdhury said, with stroke patients growing over time. The emergency services should be started in the neurology ward. Neurology ward patient rushchari even patients are not able to get out of the verandah outside the ward Associate Professor of the Department of Oncology Professor of the Department of Neurology attended by the participants in the function of Taposh Mitra. Pradip Kumar Kayshigir, Dr. Shauli Majumder, Dr. Mahbubul Alam Khandakar, Assistant Professor Dr. Moshijjaman Alfa, Dr. Towhidur Rahman, Registrar said. Zaman Ahmed also said. At the end of the discussion, a procession was organized on the occasion of the Twenty-Stroke Day. Dr. In addition to the border wadder, the doctors and nurses from different departments of the college participates in this.


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