The Prime Minister in the concluding speech in parliament, digital Bangladesh is a reality today. Today’s Digital Bangladesh Today we launched the satellite


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said “After the coming to power, all development has taken place.” After all the conclusions, digital Bangladesh is a reality today. Today’s Digital Digital Bangladesh Today we launched the satellite.
Earlier, at the beginning of the speech, the Prime Minister recalled four national leaders including the Father of the Nation and the martyrs of the great liberation war.

Sheikh Hasina said that Awami League has implemented the charter of day-changing after coming to power with the promise of day-to-day. He said this while keeping the concluding speech of the 23rd and the last session of the 10th Parliament.
The Prime Minister said that after independence, the people of this country had lost their father, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. I have lost my parents and my parents. Then, in 1981, when the Awami League again elected me as the president of the party, since then we have thought of the development of the people of the country. When I was not in power, I also planned how the people of the country can develop in power when they come to power. There are many texts about this.
Sheikh Hasina said that according to that plan, we have engaged ourselves in the development of the country after coming to power. Today the people of the country are getting its benefits. The country’s budget, nowadays, people of the country could not even think. Today, we have reduced poverty rates. People get uninterrupted power. The industrial sector is going forward. Creating employment
referring to the announcement of the creation of Digital Bangladesh, at that time, he said the government’s tenure came to the end. This is going to be the last session of the current parliament. If there is no accident, it will be the last session in the current Parliament.


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