The phone is suspected to be talking to another man The wife of the murderer is separated, but the hand of the murderer was known to her husband


Chittagong reporter:

The wife of the murderer is separated, but the hand of the murderer was known to her husband Zahid Hossain Raju took a picture of his hand. Her Wife on his mobile phone and in the same picture, Raju was disfigured by the body after killing his wife. Raju, who claims to have killed his wife Sumi Islam (20), suspects that she speaks with another man on a mobile phone. On October 26 nights, after killing the body, the head separated from the body two parts three kilometers away. But the headless body remains in the two hands of the bangles. With whom Raju’s mobile phone kept in the picture of the bamboo exactly the same match. Raju got trapped on this chorus Accepted from the beginning of the murder. Police recovered the head of Sumi from the bushes shown by Raju from Beeparipara graveyard in the city on Monday.
Though Raju was arrested, his two associates Abdul Jalil and his wife Ferdousi were absconding. Amena Begum, Additional Commissioner of Police (Crime and Operation) of the city police, said, hopefully we will be able to arrest both of them soon.
Police sources said that around one and a half year ago, Zahid Hossain Raju (28) of Matiranga area of ​​Khagrachari was married to Sumi Islam in Toppara Sahib area of ​​Khulna Sadar. Kathmastri Raju Matiranga has the first wife and one child. But he does not look for them. Garment worker Sumi married her new family. After leaving the garment factory, she took a job at the Boutique House. But soon the dispute with Sumi began with the help of the husband of husband, Zahid Hossain Raju.
Raju told the police, he suspects Sumi is talking to another man on the mobile phone. The matter was discussed between husband and wife. Sumi Raju denied the allegation. Raju could not produce any evidence. The suspicion continues to grow. Raju used to beat Sumi regularly. One day while working in the furniture factory Rajul discussed the matter with one person named Jalil. Jalil worked as a professional Butcher and Raju’s factory. Jalil advised him, and after killing all the problems will be solved. This offer is liked by Raju. But this is not possible for him alone. Jalil then promised to cooperate with him and said that at that time Jalil’s wife would also be there.
Describing the killings, Raju told the police, on Oct 26 last night, Jahid Hossain Raju went to Jalil with wife Ferdowsi in Agrabad, the younger brother of Mia, who was in house renting. They are playing the quarrels of Raju and Sumi. At that time, Raju killed Suomi after stroking a nylon rope. Jalil’s wife Ferdousi then pressed Sumi’s legs two feet. After confirming death, Raju’s advice was that Raju separated Sumi’s head from his body with a knife. Then the professional servant Jalil Sumi’s hand and feet filled with a cement sack. They closed the mouth of the slaughter and took two people aside; they were thrown out of the spot three kilometers away by Islam Mia Brickfield, on the side of the number three road. At around 1:30 in the morning, after the body of the packed body was dropped, the head was cut in the small half of the Barparipara cemetery. It is taken in a market platter. Rickshaw or any other vehicle was not used in the whole work. Raju said it was done on the advice of Jalil that there would be no witness.
Halishahar police inspector (OC) SM Obaidul Haque said, “After finding the body of a headless woman, we went to find out whether the woman has disappeared from any neighborhood house.” But there is no search anywhere. We already have an anonymous phone. The source of that phone got Raju. Regarding the arrest of Raju, he said, Raju escaped with a lock in the house after killing Sumi. But on last Sunday night she came to the house to get the accessories covered. He went to the factory with them. They are already caught by the police.
Additional Commissioner of Police Amena Begum said, “We have sent a message to Sumi’s parents. They are coming to Chittagong. He said that it was originally a police case that police was able to uncover.
Yesterday afternoon, Raju gave confessional statements about Sumi’s murder in Chittagong Metropolitan Magistrate’s court. There he also narrated the beginning of the murder of the wife.


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