The city residents have been suffering from unexpected sudden rain



Chittagong bureau:

The city residents have been suffering from unexpected sudden rain. It was a rainy day since morning. The widespread harassment of this rain has increased many times in the widespread sufferings of transport workers.
The Meteorological Department said this rain may have been for two more days. When the rain stops, the winter can be feathered. Transport workers have been abducted for the past two days. On the second day, the people of the transport crisis suffered terrible sufferings. On this day, the woes of the people increased manifold in the rain. Especially school-college students, office-bearers, employees, and ordinary people have to walk through crickets.
Meanwhile, in addition to the citizens, students who come to participate in the admission test of Chittagong University suffer from suffering.
Patenga Meteorological Office said, 6.4 mm millimeter rainfall was recorded in the last 24 hours till 3pm on Monday. The highest temperature was recorded at 30 degree Celsius and the minimum was 29 degree Celsius.


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