Bashundhara blows Mohammedan on debut In the Federation Cup football



Sports reporter:
Bashundhara Kings Football Yesterday, at the Bangabandhu Stadium on Monday, the victory against the heritage was the power. In the Federation Cup football, Bashundhara Kings, who made Mohammedan 5-2 in the title of the domestic tournament, is the reigning debut of Bashundhara Kings. Bashundhara Kings Paper-pen won the championship championship in the Premier League and the best team made in the pen. The victory of all the titles announced by the new team’s great debut is in the Federation Cup. They lost their 10-time champions and told them their strength. Danish Collindress of Costa Rica of Bashundhara Kings spread the light of the match. Russia played in the World Cup, this footballer recognized his own caste. The team made a goal of 5 goals, scored goals. Manasheer’s prize has also been lifted in his hands. But the low-budget team Mohammedan went on two or two times and the field was reduced to a big margin. In 77 minutes, forwarded by Mohamedan forward Taklis unleashed the red card and brought the team to ruin. The score was 2-2. After making 10 people, Mohammedan has digested three goals. The two teams set up eleven with four foreigners. Mohammedan has kept busy the security of Bashundhara Kings from the beginning of the tournament with excellent understanding of the two Gambhir landings of the attack and Enkova Kingsley of Nigeria. In the 18th minute, Sadakalora went ahead with their wonderful understanding. Landing is the first goal of crossing the left side of Kingsley. After four minutes of penalty shoot, Bashundhara Kings back in the match, Collindrace. When Ibrahim entered the box with the ball, Mohammedan captain Mintu Sheikh fouled him when he got the penalty Bashundhara Kings. Mohammedan went on to score second in the penalty shootout. In the 68th minute Kingsley took the ball and caught him in the box, Bashundhara Kings goalkeeper Mitul. Landing scored through penalty. Spanish defender George Gator scored the ball in Bashundhara Kings 1-0 in 71 minutes. After that Mohammedan turned into of 10 people


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