Bangladesh defeated Hosts Nepal by 2-1 the Under-15 football championship and Bangladesh has been the group best



Sports reporter:
most of the matches are played with ten players in Bangladesh. Bangladesh won the 2-1 win at the Anfa Complex in Nepal on Monday to win the champions ‘A’ group with 6 points from two wins. They will face India’s runners-up in the semi-finals on Thursday. In the first match, Bangladesh had to blow the Maldives 9-0. In the second minute of the match, Bangladesh got the first opportunity to use it. Mehdi Hassan’s free kiki Ibn Ahad Shakil found out the fake. In the 21st minute, the crossing of teammate Krus Naas Thapa Magar failed to return to equality after Nepal failed. After seven minutes, Rajan Howlader’s shot could not double the gap if the return of the crossbar. Goalkeeper Mital Marma Lalkardh Pallon became the team of ten people after firing one opponent player in the D box at the 34th minute. Jinn Lemu returns to equalize Nepal with penalty the team’s strength is reduced, but after the second half, the opportunities available at the start of the process again and again Bangladesh
finds the perfect placeholding shot address of Rajan on the cutting edge of his teammate. In the second half, Bangladesh has kept the Nepalese desperate to return to balance. Ultimately, the team won the semifinals with a win in the semi-finals of Mostafa Anwar Parvez’s team.



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