The entire country has virtually closed become in a strike called by the workers and owners of the transport



Staff reporter:
The entire country has virtually closed become in a strike called by the workers and owners of the transport under the 48-hour strike. called for the 8-point demand for amendment of certain sections of the Road Transport Act, 2012 passed in the Parliament last September. Transport workers and owners started the strike from Sunday morning. From morning onwards, there was no public transport anywhere in the country including Dhaka. Even in the face of obstruction of the transport workers, the movement of private transport was not possible in the streets. Those who did not know the news of the strike, took out their own personal car, their driver was nagged and sprayed the alkata (bituminous) on the body and face. Even the movement of motorbikes was blocked in the country. Wherever the car has sprayed the ruby ​​or bitumen in the windscreen, the workers are the workers. Although labor leaders have claimed that they did not have any fuel for these indecent acts. However, the train and launch movement were normal. On some roads the pickup van has been reported.
Because of the two-day transport strike, the passengers and passengers were forced to leave the bus. No traffic was seen from the morning in the district and divisional cities including the capital. However, auto rickshaws and rickshaws and private cars were limited in the streets of Dhaka but they were stopped in the face of obstruction. Many people have to walk on foot. In fact, only one day the price of goods has increased several times due to disruption of goods transport As thousands of passengers returning from Bangladesh were stuck in Benapole port, due to the strike due to the strike, the bus services in Jessore region remained closed from 6am yesterday. Hundreds of Indian and Bangladeshi trucks were stuck in the goods. Loaded trucks from India reached Benapole port, but unloaded load was stopped due to the movement of trucks in Bangladesh. It is known that inside the Chapainawabganj, trucks and freight trucks were trapped in different places on the main road of 50 kms. Portland Port Link Limited, the private operators operating in the port, have been manufactured in the Indian and Bangladeshi trucks. There is no available truck in the port. Sonamasjid C & F Agent Association president Harunur Rashid said that only 2.5 to 300 trucks were stuck inside Panama. In normal condition, Indian onion car entered the port until Saturday, but more than 20/30 entered from Saturday. Benapole truck transport union general secretary Azim Uddin Gazi said that the transportation of all types of goods from Benapole port will be stopped until the next decision comes.
Meanwhile, the passengers returning to India from the morning were unable to go to the destination and took shelter at various transport counters and residential hotels. The worst is the fact that those who do not have Bangladeshi currency after returning from India, and returning to the country after returning passengers and their relatives. Many passengers, who are stuck in the middle of the night, are also being detained for India from Bangladesh. As a result of the strike, more than 300 trucks are trapped in Benapole port. Among these, there are raw materials used in the industrial factories and emergency oxygen and perishable products. Benapole check post Customs Cargo Branch Assistant Revenue Officer Azizul Islam said, the transport workers were barred from carrying goods from Benapole port, but the restriction of entry of imported goods from India is inhibited.
Yesterday evening, General Secretary of the Road Transport Workers Federation, Osman Ali said that the strike will continue until the government is in agreement. Asked whether the new programs will be given at the end of the 48-hour program, the labor leader said, “It depends on the government. If the government is sincere in fulfilling our demands then the decision will be taken after giving or not giving a new program. ‘
In Dhaka, most of the victims were injured in the strike due to the strike. Many people have to go to the destination due to the lack of public transport, or more than twice the number of rickshaws and auto rickshaws going on foot.
On Saturday, President of Bangladesh Road Transport Workers Federation and Awami League MP Wajiduddin Khan and General Secretary Osman Ali said in a notification that the eight-point demand for transport workers is to make the case a bail-out in the road accidents. Workers will not be able to make money – 5 lakhs. Workers’ representatives should be kept in the road accident investigation committee. The educational qualification in the driving license will be in the fifth grade. Withdrawal of Wescale (Truck Weight Scale) penalty will be canceled. Police harassment will be stopped on the road. During the registration of the vehicle, the appointment of the workers will be arranged for the attested signature of union president and general secretary concerned. All the districts will have to issue a driver’s license with extensive training and the issue of licenses will stop corruption and irregularities.
The government passed the Parliament Road Transport Act, 2018 in Parliament on September 19, in protest against the agonizing agitation of students of entire country surrounding the tragic death of two college teachers in Dhaka. But the public anger was a bit embarrassing, but the reaction of the transport owners and workers leaders. Since then, they threatened to strike. Observers believe that after the expiration of the present government, transport workers and owners were trying to amend the law by hijacking the passengers through the strike.
However, the Road Transport and Stress Minister Obaidul Quader has called for withdrawing the strike saying it is not possible to accept the demands of the workers by changing the road transport law at the moment. In his words – there is no benefit by harassing people. Minister more. ‘


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