Today 48th Shahadat anniversary best freedom fighter Hamidur Rahman



Abdullah Alamamun:
Bangali nation is the youngest member of the country, the highest number of Shanpahihidur Rahman is 48th Shahadat anniversary today. On October 28, 1971, Moulvibazar’s Kamalganj Upazila was killed in a war with the army soldiers and soldiers of Bangladesh, the son of Bangladesh, BrahshasipahiHamidur Rahman. The country of Tripura of Ambasagaragram was written by the villagers. In 2005, the locals demanded that the bodies of Bir Shresthumdur Rahman were brought to Bangladesh from Amabastram in Tiratpur. The posterior body was buried in the intellectual graveyard.
After the partition of India in 1947, Birshresthahidur’s Paribar Barhinidh district was formed in the village of Khord Khalishpur (present-day-village) in the district. In the war of liberation in the war of liberation Amarksarakahhamidur Rahman was born in 1953 in the Western district of Zeldumurigram But the childhood crossing has crossed the age of Jhenidah district Khalishpurgram of the district.
On Jan 2, 1971, in the funeral, Hamidur Rahman joined the East Bengal Regiment. Hamidur joined the Mukti Bahini at Dhalilnamak, Kamalganj district, south-east of Srimangal in Moulvibazar district. On 28th October, in the fight against the enemy, he was unmasked. Later, this brave soldier buried 30 kilometer south of the country’s inner house at the inner house of Ambasagaragram. He is also the recipient of the highest national honor for the hero of the War of Liberation. Masaychun Nasea buried at the place of freedom fighter museum of Jhenaidahkhalishpur. There is also the TarababaAkkas Al-Baqarbari. Zalaprakaranacakaranake the district administration.


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