There is no alternative to declaring the Karnaphuli country’s national river



Chittagong reporter:
The speakers said that the Karnaphuli has the option of declaring the National River as well as the acquisition of the Karnaphuli in greater interest for the greater interest of the country, according to the declaration of Karnafuli National River and the order of the High Court. 92 percent of the export trade of the country is completed by the Chittagong port of Karnaphuli. Karnafuli is the only river in the country which has all the characteristics of its national river. The speakers also said that besides the Bengalis on the banks of the river, there are 12 small ethnic groups in the varied life culture. After world largest see beach Cox’s Bazar Karnafuli contribution of tourism industry. Karnaphuli ,Rangamati and Kaptai due to the arrival of millions of tourists every year. Considering the importance of this, Karnaphuli claims the national river of Bangladesh. Because of the same characteristics, India has declared the Ganges and the Sindhu as the national river of Pakistan. On Saturday morning, on the banks of the Karnaphuli, organizing the rally organized jointly with the Chittagong River and Canal Protection Movement, Bangladesh Environment Forum, Karnaphuli River, Sampan Majhi Kalyan Samity Federation, in the traditional Sadarghat. Sampan Majhi, the Karnafuli, left an hour-long meeting and joined the Manbandhana. During this time, hundreds of passengers were present in the Ghat to declare solidarity unity.
Presided by SM Pair Ali, Professor Eidrich Ali, Senior Vice President of Press Club, Kazi Abul Mansur, Aliur Rahman, Mohammad Kamal Parvez, Mizanur Rahman, Farid Ahmed, Jinnat Ali Ledu and others spoke in the rally. The speakers urged the service provider Sampan Majeed to accept six demands raised on the fishing vessel from the gathering.


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