Repeated incidents do not even stop the capture of footpaths of Shah Amanat Bridge


Chittagong reporter:

After 15 days of eviction, the gates of the Shah Amanat Bridge were rounded up by the footpaths. Although the city corporation evacuation drive was made to open for traffic on different occasions, the sidewalk shops and hawkers are in the possession of the premises. It is alleged that, in exchange for money, shops and local influential people are slowly developing shops.
On Saturday, on Saturday, around 30 shops have started to sit on the streets and footpaths after the evacuation of Shah Amanat Bridge from Goal Square (Shahid Bashiruzzaman Square) to the city (Kotwali direction). Seasonal fruits are being sold in these stores. There is also floating shop on the other side. In addition to the Nagrupukhi, a floating shop was developed after one or the other in the face of three rounds of circular area. In all, there are over two hundred illegal shops on the sidewalk.
The shopkeepers and local sources said, after the eviction, the police and local influential people have been given the opportunity to place these shops in exchange for money. They are collecting daily and monthly rates from each store in the name of setting up shop. Every one permanent shop is paid monthly one to two thousand taka from the shop, one hundred rupees per day in the name of the police is collected. Again, the temporary hawkers are being paid from 60 to 200 rupees daily. Police and local influential people collected hundreds of thousands of money from these illegal shops, the local residents said,
It is known that the police and the influential people do not earn money directly from these shops. Many people have been recruited on the road to get money for the money. They give regular money to the shops and hawkers. This money is given to them (shareholders) a share.
Meanwhile, in the last two years, the City Corporation exposed the illegal shops and opened the round circle area for vehicular movement. But with the help of police gradually the shops grew. Gunning situation is prevailing in the area due to footpath possession, car pressure, illegal installation and the car’s stand.
For this reason, Bokirhat Ward Councilor 35 Noakhali Haq said the condition of the law enforcement force is only for the police. Frequently evicted, but the shops were rebuilt in collaboration with the police. The matter will soon be notified to the mayor.
When asked about the matter, Baklia Police Station Officer-in-Charge Pranab Chowdhury told, “If any police member is involved with the eviction of the police, then you should complain.” Immediately action will be taken against him. None of our members are involved in such illegal occupation. Local influential people do these things.



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